If there’s one thing for certain about this life, people and experiences will pop-up when you least expect it – yet, seemingly– at the right time. If anyone can attest to that, it’s Kiera Henderson, Danielle D. Hughes, and Dr. Danielle Penson.

The three met in 2019 at a “40 Under 40” event where all three women were recognized and honored by the Michigan Chronicle. The vibe was right, and the three stayed in contact with each other.

Courtesy of Danielle D. Hughes, Kiera Henderson, and Dr. Danielle Penson | Co-Founders, The Pose Experience

If 2020 wasn’t bad enough, Hughes was forced to deal with the unthinkable. Her father died from COVID-19 complications. She reached out to Henderson and Dr. Penson, asking for recommendations for a grief counselor. It just so happened that loss and grief were Dr. Penson’s specialty.

They all developed an even deeper bond during Hughes’s journey to overcoming her father’s death, and a sisterhood grew. One day, after one of their conversations, Dr. Penson told Hughes that it was always her dream to rent a home and create a space where people could dress up and take pictures. It’s something Hughes knew that Henderson, who is a well-known event planner in Detroit, wanted to do as well.

And that’s what they did.

After having the conversation in mid-December, they opened the first and only, Black and women-owned pop-up selfie space in Detroit called The Pose Experience.

“Our goal for our first flagship store was to bring some joy to the community. 2020 was off the chain for all of us,” said the co-founders. “We wanted to bring a small piece of normalcy and joy back to our community. This is meant to be a place of healing.”

The Pose Experience hasn’t even been open for two weeks, and it’s already the talk of the town. Tickets are selling fast for the experience.

General admission tickets are $28 and will grant you access for 45 minutes to enjoy 10 interactive experiences Thursday through Sunday. During the pandemic, only 10 people will be permitted in the space at a time.

The Pose Experience

For more information or book for a private event, visit the company website or follow The Pose Experience on Instagram.