Earlier this summer I finally ticked off a destination on my travel bucket-list; travel to Merida, Mexico. I am here to confirm that it surpassed all expectations and I haven’t kept quiet about it.

Honestly, I hardly expected less; everyone speaks highly of Mérida. The city has turned out to be a favorite amongst Black travelers. Honestly, I hardly expected less; everyone speaks highly of Mérida. The city has turned out to be a favorite amongst Black travelers. In this Travel Noire piece, find out all the best things about taking a trip to Mérida, Mexico. 

Enjoy cenotes until your heart is full

Travel to Mérida Mexico
Credit: Mauricio Borja

So the thing about Mérida and cenotes is that they go hand in magical hand. On a trip to Mérida you find yourself in one of the most abundant cenote zones in Mexico. There is an estimated 6000 cenotes in the entire Yucatán peninsula and Mérida itself is famed for housing some of the best. I recommend Cenote X’Batum (an open cenote) and Santa Barbara Cenotes (semi open and cave cenotes). 

Yucatán cuisine is delicious

Travel to Mérida, Mexico
Credit: Amara Amaryah. Real good food at Orgánico restaurant.

This is a point I’m sure you were expecting. The food in Mexico is known for being incredible. Before this trip I actually found the food in the neighbouring Yucatán town Valladolid to rival the food in Oaxaca, but Merida is certainly a foodie’s paradise too. Try out the best of traditional Yucatán foods (such as Soap de Lima or chaya juice) as well as dine at some of the best restaurants in the city.

Certainly check out Orgánico for the freshest Yucatecan flavours and plant-based options. 

If you’re looking for sun...

@kayasoleia via Twenty20

Mérida is known for being in the hottest region of Mexico. The humidity is unmatched… so come prepared for that updated skincare and haircare regimen. Either way, the sun is hottest in July/August and cools down in the winter months. 

Visit the capital of the Yucatán region

Photo by Roman Odintsov

Mérida is the capital of the Yucatán region which means that you’ll enjoy the amenities of a city vibe. Expect to see some restaurants you’re used to at home and you’ll likely come in contact with English more than in other parts of the Yucatán state. This also translates to the city being more international, having good transport options (such as Uber) and more security. Mérida is said to be one of the safest spots in Mexico.

Picturesque moments on every corner

Credit: Amara Amaryah

As you can imagine, this Yucatán city is full of color. That means everywhere is a photo opportunity and contributes to the fame of this city (it has even been voted best city in the world for travelers to visit). As a well-preserved colonial city complete with beaches on the coast and loads more to explore, the views are simply impressive. Plus, the colorful buildings are an instant mood-booster.

Travel to Merida, Mexico to shop local & immerse in the rich and preserved culture

Credit: Amara Amaryah

Of course, a trip to Mérida isn’t complete without learning about and supporting the local economies, which are abundant in the city. From local artisan markets in the centre to cultural tours run by locals, it is always a good idea to support the community you visit. An easy way to incorporate this into your trip is to stay in a locally run hotel or Airbnb, this way you’re able to have conversations and enrich your understanding of the city from a local perspective. 

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