This Is How To Check Your Airbnb Accommodation For Hidden Cameras
Photo Credit: 10'000 Hours | Getty Images

Photo Credit: 10'000 Hours | Getty Images

This Is How To Check Your Airbnb Accommodation For Hidden Cameras

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Jul 20, 2022

It is a common concern amongst travelers worldwide, but checking your Airbnb accommodation for hidden cameras is simply a must. Only last week a civil lawsuit was filed in Texas after a couple claimed that homeowners recorded them during “intimate and private moments” as they were renting the property back in 2020. Investigations proved that the homeowners had more private footage of other guests. Officials arrested one of the homeowners after the illegal activity.

Airbnb does allow the use of cameras for safety of security reasons. Airbnb states that cameras are allowed “as long as they are clearly disclosed in the listing description and don’t infringe on another person’s privacy. Rules about devices apply to all cameras, recording devices, smart devices, and monitoring devices”.

The Airbnb policies clearly state that “concealed and undisclosed devices monitoring common spaces” are not allowed. Likewise “devices located in or monitoring private spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms or common areas that are being used as sleeping areas”.

Learn how to check your Airbnb accommodation for hidden cameras

There are some key tips on sussing out hidden cameras upon arrival. Cyber-security expert and TikToker (@malwaretech) Marcus Hutchins says one quick way to find a hidden camera is by shining a light inside any items with holes in them. For instance, use your phone’s flashlight to check smoke detectors or air conditioning vents — any lenses inside will give off a bluish reflection.

Another useful tip is to check for common IP camera names that may be hidden on the network at the listing. Common brands to look out for include LXMIMI and FREDI. If you see these names pop up, it might be a red flag to investigate further.

It’s a good idea to darken the rooms and use your smartphone’s flashlight to scan the room for hidden cameras. Alternatively, using your smartphone’s camera to scan the room will help discover hidden cameras. Note that a security camera with an infrared light will show up as a bright spot on the camera viewfinder. However, keep in mind that several other devices emit infrared light too. These devices include some motion detectors, sensors on a game console, and even some PCs. 

Finally, travelers have cited the use of Fing, a free app created to detect hidden cameras. On the website, it states that “over 100 million users recommended Fing as a tool of choice for detecting Airbnb hidden cameras”.  Use the Fing app to discover all the networks connected to the properties’ Wi-Fi.

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