Nikolai and Roxanne met in a popular nightclub in Cape Town where Roxanne was a VIP hostess. They were introduced by a friend of hers, a local model who was showing some international models a night on the town. Nikolai and Roxanne immediately clicked and began a long-distance relationship. Here is their story.

Courtesy of Nikolai and Roxanne

TN: What was the most challenging part of adjusting to life in the States?

Roxanne: Not being able to work for a year while I waited for documentation to finalize and be approved. TN: What is your favorite aspect of your relationship?

Nikolai: Rox is my best friend. Our friendship is everything to me. It’s funny, we have a lot of different interests, but we make an effort to participate in things that aren’t of our interest and have an absolute blast with the things that are.

Courtesy of Nikolai and Roxanne

Roxanne: I get to do life with my best friend, and be in someone’s presence that I enjoy every day.

TN: What advice do you have for long-distance couples?

Nikolai: Have a plan. Long distance is very difficult, but as long as you constantly know you’re working towards a mutual goal, it makes it worth it. Create a routine. The same way routines are created with relationships in person, they should be created from a distance. It makes it feel more natural and present. At the end of the day, long distance shouldn’t last forever. There needs to be a clear mutual agreement about who’s going to make the move.

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