This Black-Owned Candle-Making Experience Is Bringing The Spark To Date Night
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

This Black-Owned Candle-Making Experience Is Bringing The Spark To Date Night

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Mar 29, 2022

Meet Veronica Mentor, the creator of The CandleLIT Experience. A Haitian-American born and raised in South Florida, she moved to Dallas, where she launched her candle-making events, almost two years ago after graduating from the University of Florida.

“I earned my bachelor’s degree in anthropology and have always had a passion for the interconnections between health, creativity, and travel. After graduating, I worked in public health at the state level. About a year later, I was in search of adventure and ironically became a flight attendant.”

When Veronica originally learned the art of candle-making, it was only for personal benefit. Having realized how much money she was spending on purchasing candles, she decided to try her hand at making her own. The idea of being able to experiment with and create her own custom fragrances excited her.

Courtesy of The CandleLIT Experience

“I had heard of paint and sip parties and even pottery classes, but never a candle-making party. Once I was equipped with the supplies and knowledge of candle-making, I knew this would be something other people would be interested in. In true Veronica fashion, I wanted this to be an entire ‘experience.’ I wanted it to be an encounter to spark all of your senses.”

Veronica knew visual cues, well-curated playlists, and aromatic scents would be the perfect recipe for The CandleLIT Experience. A far cry from your typical, run-of-the-mill restaurant date night, the Experience allows couples to step outside their normal day-to-day activity. 

“Just like the stages of a relationship, a candle is made in significant stages that you and your partner will learn about. You can watch your partner creating something with their hands, which can be sensual. You and your partner have the opportunity to play around with different scent combinations. You can even create a fragrance combination that reminds you of one another. This experience goes beyond the initial date night, because you’ll have created a candle that lasts months after.” 

Courtesy of The CandleLIT Experience

However, The CandleLIT Experience is not limited to couples. Veronica also hosts weekly group classes, and has hosted birthday gatherings, best friend dates, and even a self-care date for someone who wanted a private class just for herself.

“Most recently, I’ve worked with a local apartment community that frequently hosts events for its residents. It has been a great way for residents to connect with their neighbors and bring their own candles into their homes!”   

Every Date Night Experience includes a bottle of champagne, all the supplies needed to create (2) eight-ounce candles, including the choice of six different fragrances, your candle connoisseur to guide the Experience, and any requested décor to personalize the space. 

Courtesy of The CandleLIT Experience

Add-on services are also offered. You can add a private chef that will curate a menu to your liking or a private sommelier if you would like to add wine tasting to your experience. 

In addition to being a relaxing activity that allows you to be creative, candle-making is a great new skill to learn, and comes with the added benefits of aromatherapy.

“Aromatherapy can be seen as both an art and science in the way it can improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. There are so many benefits to candle-making that I probably haven’t even realized yet! It may expand your mind in ways you didn’t expect!” 

Courtesy of The CandleLIT Experience

“Along with the weekly classes, this year I am working to host monthly themed candle-making events. In February, I hosted a Galantines-themed candle-making party where women across Dallas came with their girlfriends and celebrated each other. We popped champagne and had pink and red-colored desserts. It was a great time. Side note: I would love to host a surprise proposal. *Wink wink* to anyone reading.”

Future events will include a Mother’s Day Brunch-themed candle-making party in May for mothers and daughters. Veronica also would like to collaborate with larger companies in hosting activities for their employees. 

“I have been working with a company that hosts virtual classes through their app, and I am excited to bring my experience to a virtual platform. I will also be popping up with classes in several creative studios in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated!”

Courtesy of The CandleLIT Experience

Interested parties can book a Date Night with The CandleLIT Experience here. You’ll have the opportunity to indicate what type of date night it is, and request any desired décor. For group classes (more than two people), you can inquire by emailing or DM @candlelitexperience.

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