With fall weather just around the corner, people will be coming out in droves to enjoy the autumn breeze and orange leaves. One of the most beautiful places to visit during the fall is Wichita, Kansas. The city has autumn temperatures ranging from 75 to 59 degrees, making it ideal for people who appreciate cool (not cold) climates. Visitors can enjoy the city in the height of fall, around October, when the streets are lined with stunning backdrops of yellow and orange leaves.

Although Wichita is not a capital, its community is tight knit and welcomes visitors that want to discover their best kept secrets. Check out these activities in Wichita that are perfect for fall travelers!

Fun Festivals To Enjoy This Fall  

Festivals are popular in Wichita, so there are many opportunities for visitors to find one they like. Here are some of the best festivals for adults that occur during the fall

Tallgrass Film Festival 

This festival showcases national and international independent films for four days in several downtown Wichita venues. For film aficionados, this festival is a dream. Both feature and short films are shown (184 at this years event) during the Tallgrass Film Festival. There are free and paid events available, as well as educational programs.

ICT Bloktober Fest

The Bloktober Fest is a big block party in celebration of German heritage. Food trucks, breweries, live music and games are all a part of the fest and keep visitors coming back year after year. The cultural celebration is in downtown Wichita and is usually held in mid October. Admission is free, so visitors can stop by and enjoy the fest at no cost! 

Prairieland Beer And Music Fest 

The Beer and Music Festival is an annual celebration of local breweries and live music held at the end of September. From the unlimited samples of over 100 beers to the live music throughout the entire fest, this event should not be missed. Ticket prices vary, with early bird tickets costing $39 and other general admission tickets being sold on a rolling basis (with increasing prices closer to the event). 

Family Friendly Events In Wichita 

Wichita is a great place for families since it has so many engaging community events. During the fall, expect seasonal events that take advantage of the cooler weather and beautiful scenery in Wichita.

The Zoobilee is one of the many family friendly events being held in Wichita, Kansas every fall.


The Zoobilee is a charity event that is held at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas every September. Tickets to the event have helped the Wichita community save $700,000 annually for animal conservation and help support the county zoo. Tickets cost $175 and give access to the evening fundraiser, food and beverages, multiple music performances, a silent and live auction and more from 6 p.m. until midnight. Children (and adults) have a blast every year at this community building event! 

Drone Light Festival 

This drone festival is a popular attraction for locals from the Wichita area. Each year enhancements are made to the show, so it is exciting to see the progression of the technology. This year, 300 synchronized drones (which is 100 more than last year) will conduct their formations to music. Visitors can enjoy the cool fall air while releasing water lanterns at the conclusion of the festival. This is a great event for kids, who will no doubt love how interactive this festival is for participants.

Open Streets ICT

This free event is a community building opportunity for locals and visitors and was created to promote health and positive community engagement for all ages. The bi-annual event is filled with fun physical activities like biking, dancing, yoga and other things. These activities are accessible down a four-mile long area near downtown Wichita. Local businesses thrive during this fall event, and so do the locals who enjoy the agreeable fall weather. 

Wichita’s Popular Autumn Competitions

Friendly competition is nothing new to this city in Kansas. Check out the fall competitions happening in Wichita.

Fall is the season of gathering and Wichita is a reflection of this. The community has plenty of competitions to entertain their locals and visitors. 

Prairie Fire Race

This race, which is usually held in October, welcomes both serious and recreational runners from all around the world to complete the 26-mile marathon. With a flat and short course and the cool air from the adjacent Arkansas River, this race will be a breeze for participants. Starting admission to the race costs $45 per person and includes an event shirt, a medal, drinks and food (prices vary depending on length participants commit to: 5k, half, full marathon). 

Wagonmasters Downtown Chili Cookoff

This cookoff is known throughout the Wichita area as the ultimate test of the best chili in the city. Visitors can submit their own chili to the competition or just pay for admission to enjoy the flavors of Wichita. The public tastings start at noon and the cookoff offers tasting kits to visitors for $5. The offerings come from a wide variety of competitors that want to progress to the World Championship Chili Cookoff. Plenty of refreshments are available at the cookoff in case a sample is a bit too spicy and delicious to handle.