Tips For Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Matthias Cooper.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Matthias Cooper.

Tips For Traveling This Fall Season

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Sep 16, 2022

August has flown by fast as lightning and summertime is dwindling down. Most folks waited all year for summer. However, no one can deny that fall weather, colors, and events are a vibe we all look forward to. Travel is essential during the fall months and there are a plethora of destinations that come to life during this season. So while everyone else is returning to school, you can take a break and vacay somewhere popping in the fall. 

There are quite a few perks to traveling during fall time. Not only will you beat the heat, but you’ll also catch a few deals you won’t find during the summer. Keep your travel plans fun, efficient, and stress-free with these tips for traveling this fall.

Research Your Destination To Avoid Crowds

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Cameron Casey.

Everyone knows Summer is prime time for overcrowding in popular destinations. It sometimes seems like everyone everywhere decided to take a vacation at the same time. Although the Fall season usually signifies a drop in travel plans, some destinations attract large crowds year-round. 

Depending on your destination, be sure to research the tourist attractions to find out the busiest times for visitors. You’ll want to plan your visit around those times to avoid large crowds. If you’re trying to avoid crowds altogether, research to find out which destinations attract fewer tourists during the Fall season. This will help you narrow down your list of options.

Find Travel Deals

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio.

Since traveling during the Fall is nowhere near as busy as the Summer months, some travel agents will offer special discounts. Look out for these deals when booking Fall time travel. Because there are fewer tourists visiting, you may even find special deals on attractions and excursions as well. This is an excellent tip if you’re traveling on a budget because it’ll help you get more bang for your buck. Be sure to check out places like Groupon to tap in with discounts and deals when traveling this Fall. 

Always Park In Marked Areas

Traveling This Fall Season
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Fall time, especially around holidays, are prime season for theft. Just like you’d secure valuable belongings, you also want to keep your vehicle safe. When traveling this Fall, be sure to only park in marked areas. This is important if you and your family stay in wooded areas or campgrounds. Marked parking areas usually are well-lit and occupied by other travelers and locals. Some even have video surveillance cameras and on-site security guards. Long story short, parking in marked areas just adds another layer of protection to your vehicle when traveling. It also prevents you from being towed if you park somewhere you’re not supposed to. 

Spend Time Outdoors

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Agung Pandit Wiguna.

Another way to save money traveling this Fall is to spend more time outdoors. You’ll be surprised how many free activities there are to do right in nature. This is a great way to save funds and ground yourself with the earth. From camping and fishing to nature hikes and float trips, there’s plenty to do outside. When camping out, ensure you only set up in areas marked as safe for campers. The last thing you want is to wake up to park rangers ruining your fun or a curious bear going through your items. 

Stay Away From Wildlife

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.

Depending on where you’re traveling to, there’s a chance you might run into some wildlife. Especially if you’re camping out in their natural habitat. As a rule of thumb, many travelers caution against approaching wild animals. Honestly, you never know how the animal will react. A trip to the Emergency Room is the last thing you want to experience on a Fall vacation. So leave the animals alone and just observe them from afar. 

Practice Fire Safety

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Vlad Bagacian.

Speaking of camping, the Fall season is known for its dry climate in many travel destinations. This is one of the leading causes of forest fires across the country. If you’re camping out this Fall, be sure to practice good fire safety to avoid causing a fire. Some tips to always follow include: 

  • Never use gasoline or flammable liquids
  • Always have water, a hose, or sand handy to extinguish the fire
  • Make sure the fire is completely put out before departing from your campsite or heading to bed

Pack Appropriate Clothing

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Monstera.

Although some destinations are warm year-round, this is not the case everywhere. It’s essential to research the weather thoroughly before packing clothing for your trip. You definitely don’t want to take swimwear to a place where it’ll be freezing throughout your entire stay. Unless they have an indoor pool, of course. If you have some extra time, it might also be worth checking the weather in cities where you’ll also have layovers or breaks in travel. If it’s going to be chilly, it may be worth bringing a jacket or a playlist depending on the temperature. 

Take A Cruise

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Matthew Barra.

The fall season is a great time to take a cruise because it’s usually cheaper than during the Summer. Travelers are breaking their necks to hop on cruise ships during the warmer months. But the industry sees a decline in cruise bookings during the Fall and Winter. You could find incredible cruise prices if you book in the Fall. So keep that in mind when deciding where to vacation this Autumn. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Lodging Alternatives

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Eneida Nieves.

Fall time is a great opportunity to try out some alternative lodging options. Tiny homes, cabins, campers, and tree houses are some great alternatives to traditional hotels and vacation rentals. These options also add an extra layer of character to your stay. There’s also a chance you’ll find deals on alternate lodging because fewer people are traveling during the Fall. 

Enjoy Fall Themed Activities

Traveling This Fall Season
Photo Courtesy of Charles Parker.

If nothing else fails, you’ll always find plenty of Fall theme activities to do wherever you travel. You’ll find a slew of Fall festivals and Halloween parties all over the country you can attend while on vacation. A quick search on Eventbrite will yield you a ton of options. Just type in the destination you’ll be visiting. If your social meter is running low or you’re vacationing with the intent of relaxing instead of turning up, Fall is the best time to turn on one of your favorite scary movies, grab some popcorn and wrap up in your favorite blanket.  

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