Last summer, Uber’s announcement of the return of its most affordable ride option brought excitement to many riders. Before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the ride-sharing industry, Uber offered various types of rides, including carpooling with multiple strangers. The concept was a huge success as it offered riders an affordable way to save money on transportation. However, with the pandemic and the need for social distancing, carpooling was temporarily eliminated.

Now, in the summer of 2023, with travel making a comeback, Uber has brought back its carpooling option and significantly improved the concept. This development is a small step towards a sense of normalcy for ride-sharing enthusiasts.

The latest rendition of carpooling is now expanding to more US cities and is here to stay, Travel Off Path reports. With this announcement, ride-sharers can now enjoy the benefits of affordable transportation again.

Introducing UberX Share

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Uber is rolling out a new ride option called UberX Share, and there are several reasons why the company is promoting it. For one, Uber wants to become a “zero-emissions mobility platform” by reducing emissions across Europe, Canada, and the United States. By encouraging more people to share the same ride, fewer emissions are emitted into the air. Drivers will also benefit from paying less for gas and putting fewer miles on their odometers.

Additionally, UberX Share is much more affordable for riders, with up to 20% savings. By sharing a ride with another passenger along a similar route, both passengers can save money while reducing emissions.

In the past, carpooling routes could be less efficient and potentially frustrating for riders. Uber has taken steps to improve the timeliness and efficiency of the new UberX Share ride option. Passengers will now only be matched if they are heading in the same direction, intending to arrive no later than eight minutes after an UberX ride.

Where To Find UberX Rides

Uber has expanded its popular UberX Share ride option to more cities across the United States. The company, which already operates this service in several major cities worldwide, has seen a great response to the relaunch and is now set to introduce it in five more cities. While Uber has not provided a specific date for the launch in these new locations, it has stated that it will be in the coming weeks. This is just the beginning of the expansion, with more cities expected to be added soon.

Uber has announced that it will be offering its more affordable UberX Share rides in five additional cities in the United States. These cities include Baltimore, Miami, Nashville, Philadelphia, and the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. With this expansion, more users in these cities will be able to enjoy the benefits of carpooling with other passengers and save up to 20% on their rides.

Where Else Can Riders Find The UberX Option?

In the United States, carpooling with UberX Share is available in major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New York City, and San Francisco. These cities are experiencing a significant reduction in traffic congestion and air pollution due to the increasing popularity of shared rides.

However, the carpooling service is not limited to the United States. UberX Share is also available in many other countries, including Canada, France, Qatar, Nigeria, Argentina, Kenya, Ghana, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Australia. Major cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Paris, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, and Doha have already implemented the carpooling service.