Travelers have experienced that anxious feeling when confronted with a seemingly endless security line at the airport. Before you book your next ticket, it’s worth knowing which U.S. airports boast the shortest TSA wait times.

Here’s a comprehensive analysis of average TSA wait times over a one-year period, according to Bounce, a luggage storage company.

For Domestic Travelers

If you’re flying locally and don’t need to worry about passport security checks, you’re in luck. These airports prioritize efficiency, getting you through TSA in record time.

Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

The Swift Performers

  • Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey boasts an impressive average wait time of three minutes and six seconds.
  • Baltimore/Washington International Airport in Maryland keeps things swift and steady with a flat four minute wait.
  • San Jose International Airport in California ensures a hassle-free experience with only four minutes and six seconds in the security line.
  • Ontario International Airport in California matches San Jose’s efficiency clocking in at four minutes and six seconds.

Prepare for Some Patience

  • Palm Beach International Airport in Florida tests your patience with a wait time of 34 minutes and six seconds.
  • St. Louis Lambert International Airport in Missouri keeps you stationary for 26 minutes and 36 seconds.
  • San Francisco International Airport in California adds 25 minutes and 36 seconds to your airport experience.

While these times may not be the worst, they can be frustrating if you’re juggling children or running late, leading to incessant phone-checking and mounting anxiety.

For Passport Checks

If you’re required to undergo a passport security check, be sure to allocate an additional 10 minutes on top of the regular security time.

The Speed Demons

  • Baltimore/Washington International Airport in Maryland impresses once again completing both security and passport checks in just 14 minutes and 48 seconds.
  • San Antonio International Airport in Texas ensures a smooth journey through both stops taking 17 minutes and 42 seconds in total.
  • San Jose International Airport in California maintains its efficiency clocking in at 18 minutes and 18 seconds for both checks combined.

These times are still faster than many security-only wait times, making these airports a preferred choice for travelers.

Prepare for Extended Delays

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  • John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York puts your patience to the test with a wait time of 48 minutes and 24 seconds.
  • San Francisco International Airport in California requires 47 minutes and 18 seconds to process customers.
  • Miami International Airport in Florida keeps you waiting for 45 minutes and 54 seconds.