The city you live in greatly affects your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Living in an overpopulated, chaotic city may not be the best choice if you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Since the pandemic, many people have embraced the world of remote work. People are embracing the freedom of working from anywhere and relocating to cities that are more peaceful. 

Living in a coastal city is a beloved option for many as it gives access to fresh air, beachside attractions, and a great quality of life. According to a study by NASA, over a third of the human population live within 62 miles of the oceanic coast. 

If you’re considering moving to a coastal city in the U.S., Compare the Market recently shared their rankings for 2023. The rankings are based on affordability and living conditions. 

Compare the Market analyzed coastal cities based upon nine factors: 

-Unemployment rate (%)

-Monthly salary after tax

-Mortgage interest rate (%) 

-Monthly living costs

-Crime rates

-Healthcare quality 

-Number of attractions 

-Social media posts

-Flood risk 

“If you’re looking to relocate, moving to a coastal city can be just the trick for those looking for the bustle of city life as well as the tranquility of the sea on their doorstep!” says Hannah Norton of Compare the Market. 

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The top cities may surprise you

When it comes to the top coastal cities to relocate to in the U.S. for 2023, Houston ranks number 1. The Texan city boasts an affordable cost of living at $916.07 and low flood risk. Clear your mind at Galveston Island State Park or Padre Island National Seashore.

New York and Los Angeles come second and third, which may be surprising. New York is known as ‘the city that never sleeps’ and evokes images of hustle culture. The Big Apple, however, has pockets of peace, such as the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn and Central Park in Manhattan.

Top 10 best coast cities in the U.S. to relocate to in 2023:

1. Houston
2. New York
3. Los Angeles
4. San Diego
5. Chicago
6. San Francisco
7. Boston
8. Seattle
9. Miami
10. Jacksonville

Best coast cities to relocate to in the world

If you’ve always wanted to live abroad, why not relocate to the best of the best? Compare the Market also ranked the best coastal cities to relocate to in the world. Singapore ranks number 1 in the world, followed by Dubai and Tokyo.

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Singapore offers a great quality of life and has the third-lowest unemployment rate (2.25%) worldwide. Who says you can’t spend your workdays by the beach? Siloso beach and Palawan are great destinations to unwind, dine and go for a swim.

Dubai and Tokyo both have low employment rates, great attractions, and low crime rates.

“Make sure that before moving, you consider the interest rates of the country you’d like to move to so that you can be prepared to meet financial obligations in the event you take out a home loan. Once you get to this stage, keep in mind that even a small variation in interest rates can be the difference between flourishing or flailing when it comes to making repayments. Comparing options can help you with choosing an option that is appropriate for you and your circumstances,” shares Stephen Seller, General Manager of Money at Compare the Market Australia.

Top 20 best coastal cities in the world:

1. Singapore
2. Dubai
3. Tokyo
4. Sydney
5. Houston
6. Perth
7. Toronto
8. New York
9. Taipei
10. Los Angeles
11. Melbourne
12. San Diego
13. Edinburgh
14. Chicago
15. San Francisco
16. Osaka
17. Boston
18. Copenhagen
19. Helsinki
20. Lisbon

For more on Compare the Market’s study, click here.

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