California is where you may have the most success when it comes to the country’s most faithful cities. In a new study conducted by the matchmaking service,, analysts found the Golden State has the most faithful cities.

Researchers examined 200 of the country’s largest cities. They rated each city in the categories of relationship satisfaction, life satisfaction, cheating intent, and affair activities. Analysts also looked at marriage, divorce, and separation rates, along with the number of cafes and bars in each city and how often people search for affair hookup websites on Google.

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“While most would assume that bigger cities probably produce more cheaters per capita, this data shows us what we were already aware of: cheaters are everywhere,” Amy Pritchett, Editor-in-Chief at, says. “Infidelity can happen anywhere – in large cities and small ones.”

We want to be clear here: San Diego and San Francisco did not make the cut. But cities close to them did!

If you’re looking for love, here’s a list of the top 10 faithful cities.

10. Syracuse, New York

Coming in at number 10 is Syracuse, New York. Located in upstate New York, Syracuse is known for my alma mater, Syracuse University, the New York State Fair, and being the snowiest city in the country.

If you can handle the snow in this city, you can take anything, including being faithful in a relationship.

9. McAllen, Texas

McAllen, Texas, is nearly six hours away from Houston. If you’re wondering where it’s located on the map, it’s literally the southernmost city in the state.

According to Visit McAllen, it’s one of the fastest growing cities in America known for its mild winters, tropical breezes, and low cost of living.

That’s the good part. The downside, however, is that in a city with more than 143,000 people, only one percent is considered Black. So, if you’re looking for Black love, well… it may be harder to find here.

8. West Valley City, Utah

Salt Lake City suburb, West Valley City, Utah, ranks number 8.

It’s the second most populous city in Utah, right after the capital, which is … yes, you guessed it … Salt Lake City!

The cities are about 15 minutes apart, and according to city forums, there’s not much to do in West Valley City except eat and watch the hockey team, the Utah Grizzlies, at the Maverik Center.

There’s apparently a little more hope here in West Valley City than in McAllen, Texas, if you’re searching for Black love, as more than two percent of the nearly 140,000 people there identify as Black.

7. Orange, California

Even though Los Angeles didn’t make the list, if you drive about 30 minutes south of LA on a good traffic day, you will have some luck in the city of Orange.

Orange has many things to do, including a quick trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, museums, and outdoor spaces to enjoy, as well as one of our favorites: The Anaheim Packing District.
The Anaheim Packing District is now a renovated and revitalized space known for its vibrant and artsy atmosphere. The best eateries, outdoor events, and live entertainment are here. It’s perfect for dates! Thank us later.

6. Montgomery, Alabama

Is anyone else surprised that Montgomery, Alabama, is on the list?

One thing Montgomery has going for it is that more than half of the population identifies as Black.

As you can imagine, this is the perfect city for history buffs – if you can stomach the history as many museums are dedicated to The Civil Rights Movement.

There’s also The Montgomery Zoo and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art.


5. Laredo, Texas

A little more than 2.5 hours southwest of San Antonio is Laredo, Texas, along the Mexican border.

Laredo is a unique place to live as it’s one of the oldest crossing points along the Mexico-United States border and the country’s largest inland port of entry.

What you find here is that it’s a beautiful blend of American and Mexican cultures.

Laredo has more than 250,000 people but the Black population only accounts for 0.5 percent

4. Visalia, California

Nature lovers, this faithful city is for you. Visalia, California, is Visalia is the Gateway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

The Black population is certainly better here than in a few other cities on the list, where nearly three percent of the population identifies as Black.

According to Visit Visalia, some top things to do include the many sidewalk cafes and visiting the local shops and galleries.

Visalia is reportedly home to the richest agricultural region in the United States and has some of the best wines.

3. Roseville, California

All is not lost when it comes to the big cities. Roseville, located in the Sacramento metropolitan area, ranks number 3!

Roseville was recently named one of the best places to live because it reportedly offers residents a little bit of everything. Let’s translate that for you. It means you will never get bored!

2. Torrance, California

The coastal community of Torrance, within the Los Angeles metropolitan, comes in at number 2.

It’s hard to be unhappy in Torrance as the city boasts at least 30 parks. Not to mention, the beach is just 10 miles away.

1. Pasadena, California

Last but certainly not least is Pasadena – another Los Angeles County city on the list that ranks as the number 1 faithful city in America.

According to the data, the marriage rate is around 56 percent, the divorce rate is 9 percent, and the separation rate is one percent.

Out of 100, the happiness index here measures around 63.

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What About The Most Unfaithful Cities?

Don’t worry! We’ll have that list next. For now, let’s say we’re side-eyeing all major cities in Texas. And you know that one city everyone moves to from your hometown that rhymes with Mylanta? Let’s just say we’re side-eyeing Georgia’s top city, too.