Throughout history, public gardens have been spaces where one could get lost in their thoughts or imagine new possibilities. Not only do they allow people to immerse themselves in nature while getting an escape from daily routines; but they are also good for the environment, and the health and wellbeing of neighboring communities. What’s also fascinating is the way that these green havens detail the history and culture of a place through native flora and the preservation of its extraordinary landscapes.

Whether you’re looking for a photo-worthy experience or are just passionate about gardens, Travel Noire has got you covered! Below are the world’s top 10 most beautiful public gardens, according to Tripadvisor.

1. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is an independent organization responsible for developing and managing one of Asia’s foremost garden destinations. All 250 acres of the Gardens sit on reclaimed land in Singapore. From the futuristic biodomes, and the surreal Supertrees, to the sweeping waterfront gardens – there’s no denying that Gardens by the Bay is simply majestic. An outstanding 12,385 reviews said it was ‘beautiful’ on TripAdvisor.

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2. Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle morroco
Piotr Arnoldes,

The Jardin Majorelle, is over two acres, and still one of the most enchanting and mysterious gardens in Morocco. It was created over the course of forty years, it is enclosed by outer walls, and consists of a labyrinth of crisscrossing alleyways on different levels and boldly-colored buildings that blend both Art Deco and Moorish influences. The French painter Jacques Majorelle conceived of this large and luxuriant garden as a sanctuary and botanical ‘laboratory’. In 1922, he began planting it with exotic botanical specimens from the far corners of the world.

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3. Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
Benjamin Monteverdi,

The Jardin du Luxembourg, known in English as the Luxembourg Garden,  is located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, France. The garden was created in 1612 when Marie de’ Medici, the widow of King Henry IV, constructed the Luxembourg Palace as her new residence. The garden was previously only opened to royalty before the French Revolution. Now it’s one of Paris’s most popular destinations for relaxation.

This attraction is free and no tickets are needed.

4. Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden, Las Vegas


When the seasons change so do the displays at Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden, Las Vegas. Each season, Horticulture and Engineering teams transform the 14,000-square-foot Botanical Gardens into a showcase of inspiring sights, sounds, scents, and colors. The talented Conservatory team changes out the design and also replants and repurposes as much of the living plant material as possible, further celebrating Mother Nature and our commitment to sustainability.

This attraction is free and no tickets are needed.

5. The Butchart Gardens, Vancouver

Engin Akyurt,

The Butchart Gardens in Vancouver is 55 acres. It has been named a National Historic Site, and similar to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden, this garden is open year-round. The exhibitions and flora change as the seasons do. In spring, countless tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths will give you a buffet of fragrances and colors. The Rose Garden will keep you entertained on summer evenings with subtle night illuminations, Saturday firework shows, and boat tours to name a few of the delights.

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6. Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. The park is over 900 acres in the heart of Perth, Australia, and features serene natural bushland and sculpted gardens. The garden is rich in Aboriginal and European history, and contemporary culture and offers innovative design, displays, and services. It sits high on Mount Eliza, making it a top spot to take in sweeping panoramas of Perth’s city skyline and Swan River.

This attraction is free and no tickets are needed.

7. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Ava Playle,

Magical Tivoli Gardens is Copenhagen’s main theme park and the third oldest amusement park in the world. Part of Tivoli Gardens’ secret is that there is something for everyone. The scenery is beautiful with exotic architecture, historic buildings, and lush gardens. At night, thousands of colored lights create a fairytale atmosphere that is completely unique. The rides are all designed to match Tivoli’s architecture and gardens. Tivoli is a playground for both young and old, and a spot so full of wonder that it inspired Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney.

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8. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town
Buster Ferraz,

When Kirstenbosch was founded in 1913 to preserve the flora native to the South Africa’s territory, it was the first botanical garden in the world with this ethos. Today, the park’s preservation and conservancy is managed by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). The expansive landscape makes it a perfect setting for art. The Garden presents a variety of art exhibitions, both outdoor exhibitions of long and short-term duration, as well as indoor art shows and exhibitions in the various venues at Kirstenbosch.

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9. Keukenhof, Netherlands

Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. According to the official website, Keukenhof Park covers an area of 79 acres and approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the gardens annually. Each year, Keukenhof is open for only two months in the spring to display the best Dutch tulips, crocuses, narcissus (daffodils), and other bulb flowers.

The park is temporarily closed for the rest of the year. The park was open from March-May.

10. Christchurch Botanic Gardens, New Zealand

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens are located in New Zealand. The garden was founded in 1863 when an English oak was planted to commemorate the marriage of Prince Albert and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Today, the Gardens feature one of the finest collections of exotic and local plants in New Zealand.

This attraction is free and no tickets are needed.

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