Black women hold a lot of trauma. For centuries, Black women and women of color have not been in control of their bodies due to enslavement; and still, in today’s age, the most disrespected group in America is the Black woman. In her travel essay about her solo travel, Georgina Lawton explores travel as a radical act for Black women. Lawton writes “[Black women] travel because we are lucky enough to venture to places our parents never could, to live out the dreams and intentions of our ancestors and be a part of a generation for whom free movement is finally feasible.”

Traveling is a powerful tool for healing. It has the ability to soul, cleanse the mind, and open up our hearts. And yes, all travel is transformative – whether you spend your time in the middle of nowhere on a secluded island, in a bustling city with a group of friends, or with a community of other Black women on a wellness retreat. Being in a different environment that feels both exciting and safe in our bodies is known to be therapeutic to your mind, body, and soul. Our present moment is what we make them.

Below are ten mindfulness tips that will support your physical, emotional, and mental healing while you travel— allowing you to access a bit of healing everywhere you go.

  • Allow yourself to slow down (just not while walking in NYC)
  • Write down intention for the trip while on route
  • Set time aside to have a slow morning – meditate, stretch, honor your ancestors, sip your coffee real slow
  • Take a moment to express gratitude for your meals before eating
  • Prioritize doing the things that bring you joy before focusing on sightseeing opportunities
  • Check-in with yourself and how you’re feeling often throughout the day
  • Take the time to journal any self-reflections or moments from your trip
  • Screenshot your reservation confirmations, create a folder and delete your email apps
  • Rest, rest, rest