Sometimes we just need to be surrounded by people who can relate to our experience on a deep level. These retreats offer spaces where black women can relax, connect, and heal in a safe community.

Women of Color Healing Retreats

This eco-friendly jungle escape located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica offers women of color enriching workshops to connect their minds, body and spirits through yoga, hiking on rivers, swimming in the bluest oceans, meditating amongst themselves and each other. Women of Color Healing Retreats was founded by a former New Yorker Satya who is on a mission to “create a sanctuary where African-Americans can experience peace, tranquility, wellness and nature and to practice holistic self-care in a community with people who mirror them.”

The center offers various retreats from Black Women Yoga Retreats to Women of Color Self-Care Retreats where African American women can be their authentic selves surrounded by those who share their experience. 

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OMNoire is a “social wellness community for women of color dedicated to living well from the inside out.” With retreats all over the world including Bali, Grenada, and Barbados, the overall mission is to “connect like-minded women through events, retreats and online platforms to cultivate strength, growth and positive manifestation in all areas of their lives. We believe that life truly begins through the interconnectivity of a healthy mind, body and spirit.” This for us, by us community was founded by Christina Rice who has done a phenomenal job of cultivating a positive community and showing the beauty of these experiences on her website. Mark your calendars, the new schedule of retreats will be released in May.

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MTYRetreat is heading to Cancun, Mexico next for four days and three nights. The renewed retreat founded by CurlBox CEO and Founder, Myleik Teele, promises “immersive discussions, transformative connections, intimate moments you can see, touch, hear, feel and taste” with “Master Class sessions with Myleik’s inner circle and special presentations by guest speakers”. Past guest speakers have included Karleen Roy (Founder, The Vanity Group), Kahlana Barfield-Brown (Instyle Beauty Editor-At-Large), and Necole Kane (Founder, XO Necole).