The Good Water: A New Black-Owned Water Company Changing The Game In L.A.
Photo Credit: Marcel Nash

Photo Credit: Marcel Nash

The Good Water: A New Black-Owned Water Company Changing The Game In L.A.

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Feb 9, 2022

There is a brand-new addition to Los Angeles’ ever-growing list of Black-owned businesses to support. The Good Water Company is a Black-owned water company, dispensary and ‘minority marketplace’ freshly opened in California. 

Having opened its doors to the Gardena, California area early February, the Black-owned water company is highly anticipated in the neighborhood. The grand-opening earlier this month saw many community members and locals come together in mass to celebrate this opening at the start of Black History Month

Marcel Nash told Travel Noire about the genesis of The Good Water Company: “After having traveled to over 29 countries and also being a native of the underserved community of South L.A., I’ve been extremely mindful of the disparities in regard to clean and accessible water. A strong hope of mine is to continue to perpetuate this blueprint, not only throughout South L.A., but across the world.”

The Black-owned water company isn’t just about providing accessible clean water, Nash also wants to highlight other minority-owned companies in the community. He says that he “started The Good Water & Market with the intentions of creating a hub within the community that can supply good-tasting, fresh and clean water. Also, I wanted The Good Water Co. to double as a place where minority owned businesses can thrive while sharing a space collectively.” 

“It’s only right to share the opportunity with brands I see that represent wellness, health and/or culture.”

Nash also expanded upon how grateful and overwhelmed “in the best possible way” he felt with all the community support.

“Thank you so much for the continued support over the past few months as we have put blood, sweat and tears into reconfiguring this idea and the physical location into the potential we have seen in it since day one!” Read the caption, days before the grand opening of the Black-owned company. 

As a water dispensary and marketplace, expect to find a wide array of products including bottled water, alkaline water, purified water, eco-friendly packaging and a service for filtering in store. 

“I’ve had this idea for about five years and to see it come to fruition and takeoff at the pace that it has, is an incredible feeling. I only wish to keep the name of The Good Water Co. in good grace and to expand upon this idea of helping others expand their businesses while providing clean water options to the community and surrounding regions.”

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