The Coolest Travel Gadgets You’ll Find on Amazon
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

The Coolest Travel Gadgets You’ll Find on Amazon

Aida Solomon
Aida Solomon Apr 19, 2022

Traveling to new destinations can be a fulfilling and exciting adventure. Perhaps the only thing that is more thrilling than travel itself, is learning about the latest gadgets that help you travel with convenience. When you invest in buying new travel accessories, you should keep in mind that they’re designed minimally and comfortably. That was the idea behind our list of the coolest travel gadgets you’ll find on Amazon.

1. Portable Projector

Portable Projector

Consider this the pocket-sized flat screen that’s perfect for any journey. This Portable LED Projector allows you to project any media from your iPhone or iPad. With a clear and crisp image broadcast, bring the entertainment with you everywhere you go.

2. Portable Luggage Scale

Whether you’re on your first or last leg of your trip, weighing your luggage is always a necessity. With this easy to use handheld scale, you’ll conveniently always know how much your luggage weighs. No more guessing if your bags will be able to carry those extra gifts you were planning to buy.

3. Pocket-Size Washing Machine

When we find ourselves traveling without the luxury of modern technology, having a back up plan is important. This Pocket-Sized Washing Machine may be the most unexpectedly convenient item to pack. Using water and detergent of your choosing, fill this 5oz bag, seal it, and begin massaging your clothes until they’re squeaky clean.

4. Travel Detergent 

A great follow up item to pair with the last one, is the SinkSuds Travel Laundry Detergent. This is yet another great product to have when traveling with limited access to washers and dryers. Use any basin with water and pour out the pre-measured doses to ensure your clothes get a clean finish.

5. Trtl Travel Pillow

Traveling long distances at a time can be exhausting and sometimes uncomfortable. While packing a regular size pillow can be inconvenient, the Trtl Pillow has solved the problem. Easily fall asleep against the soft and comfortable fabric of this minimally designed neck pillow. Providing you with an internal support, this pillow resembles a scarf and will keep you warm and comfortable.

6. Portable Travel Footrest

While it would be amazing to always travel and stretch out in first class, we have a much more affordable solution. This Portable Travel Footrest can easily hook up to the chair in front of you and comfortably support your legs. The pad is made with memory foam and is proven to prevent soreness and swelling while on long journeys.

7. Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

Easily organize your clothes and toiletries with these revolutionary Packing Cubes. Efficiently store and organize your items with these various sized cubes that come in 10 different colors. Enjoy a level of organization you didn’t know you needed. 

8. Toothbrush Sanitizer

As we know, carrying sanitizer has become an absolute must-have as of late. And while we may not think of it, a great way to keep our toothbrushes clean is this UV Toothbrush Sanitizer. This gadget eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs that may accumulate as you travel. The case can fit almost any regular size toothbrush and almost all electric toothbrush heads. 

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