Thailand Regulates Cannabis As Weed Business Is Booming
Photo Credit: ©Pixabay| msqrd2

Photo Credit: ©Pixabay| msqrd2

Thailand Regulates Cannabis As Weed Business Is Booming

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Nov 21, 2022

The first country in Southeast Asia to decriminalize weed is Thailand. Known for being a vacation playground for Australian and Chinese tourists, the legalization of weed has become the latest attraction. Now that it’s been legalized for recreational use, the government has begun to implement regulations on cannabis.

After 4 Years Of Legalization, Thailand Grabs The Reigns

As of now, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health will monitor and regulate the use and distribution of cannabis, and enforce weed not being sold to people under the age of 20. The decision to regulate usage came from the Pheu Thai Party and its affiliates who filed a petition with Thailand’s Central Administrative Court last week.

Revising Regulations

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On Friday, Thailand’s Minister of Public Health, Arutin Charnvirakul signed an amendment that added cannabis to their list of controlled herbs under Thailand’s Traditional Medicine Protection and Promotion Act.

The sale of weed to anyone under the age of 20, pregnant, or woman breastfeeding is strictly prohibited under the new policies. You are also not allowed to sell weed via vending machines or online. Anyone that is looking to sell or trade cannabis or cannabis products must get a permit from the ministry. There is also no advertising of cannabis allowed. These policies were approved by Thailand’s Traditional Medicine Protection and Promotion Act committee.

Cannabis Tourism

Meanwhile, Bangkok is one of the major cities in Thailand to benefit the most from the legalization of weed. Nearly 23 million tourists a year visit Bangkok, from all different parts of the world. Now retailers are supplying cannabis products and the citizens of Thailand are appreciating the tourists’ response.

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On the very popular Khaosan Road, which is where tourists and expats go for a weekend of fun and drinking you’ll find a few cannabis retailers and pop-up trucks. One pop-up truck is selling buds at $20 a gram. The staff in the truck market their weed as a way to help with sleep and anxiety.

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