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Airports Introduce Reservation Systems For Security Screenings

As summer travel picks up, airports are stepping up to tackle long lines at security checkpoints....

Rafael Peña Jun 6, 2023
Woman Caught With Zebra Bones At Airport Security

We’ve heard about drugs and the occasional gun that customers try to pass through airport...

Rafael Peña Dec 20, 2022
Twitter Reacts To Resurfaced Video Of TSA Agent Giving A Note To Traveler That Read 'You Ugly’

A resurfaced video from 2019 is generating fresh buzz on Twitter. ArtfulKash posted a series of...

Spencer Jones Oct 19, 2022
5 Tips To Get Through TSA Quickly And Efficiently This Summer

It’s going to be a busy summer travel season and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)...

Kelsey Marie May 17, 2022
Woman Gets Stopped By TSA For Flamin' Hot Cheetos

A passenger’s snack choice of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos recently caused an extra layer of security...

Mitti Hicks Oct 14, 2019