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It's Burkini Season! Here Are 8 Modest Swimwear Brands To Shop This Summer

France may be buggin’ with their burkini ban , but we aren’t fazed! The modest divas are...

Ayah A. Jul 27, 2022
Have You Heard Of The Afro-Caucasians In Eastern Europe?

Afro-Abkhazians are a group of Black Caucasians that occupy Eastern Europe in the Abkhazia...

Mitti Hicks Feb 15, 2022
After Visiting Every Country In The World, Jessica Nabongo Shares What The World Taught Her About Race

In October 2019, Detroit-based Jessica Nabongo became the first documented black woman to visit...

Leah Freeman-Haskin May 21, 2020
21 Countries Later, Couple Says "Travel Is Therapeutic For Our Marriage"

Carla and Jarahn Newman are celebrating four years of marriage. It’s hard to believe that as...

Mitti Hicks Aug 21, 2019