The Russian consulate in New York was recently defaced in blatant protest efforts. Officers reportedly received n emergency call just after 1:30am on Friday 30 September. The red spray paint appeared mere hours before Putin announced he was annexing four Russian-controlled territories in Ukraine.

The Russian Consulate on Manhattan’s Upper East Side appeared to be vandalised without any legible words, simply red paint covering doors, windows and outer facades.

Currently there have been arrests for the vandalism. Police deemed the vandalism as a possible bias incident, according to The New York Times’ report.

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Here's what we know:

According to the Guardian, surveillance camera footage shows a ‘hooded and masked figure spraying the consulate building in the early morning. No guards appeared to surround the building.’

Many have commented on the vandalism both online and as bystanders. The photos of the defaced consulate are evoking reactions from many around the world.

One bystander named by the Guardian as Romen Eaulin commented that “It’s vandalism but it is the expression of how people in New York are realizing Putin is killing people,”.  Another user commented on Twitter “Those people need to be found as soon as possible, this is unacceptable! I would like to personally thank them.” (@KraalLidii).