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JetBlue Airlines

American Airlines And JetBlue Expand Flight Offerings To Trinidad

American Airlines and JetBlue are expanding their nonstop flight offerings to Trinidad this...

Rafael Peña Jun 22, 2023
JetBlue And American Airlines Northeast Alliance Announce New Flight Destinations

The Northeast Alliance has announced a list of new flight destinations taking off from three...

Rafael Peña Dec 13, 2022
You'll Never Guess Which Airline Lost The Most Luggage This Year

There’s nothing more annoying than landing at a destination, ready for your trip, and realizing...

Kelsey Marie Nov 2, 2022
JetBlue Reaches $3.8 Billion Deal To Purchase Spirit

JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines have reached an agreement for the former to acquire the...

Ayah A. Jul 28, 2022