Aruba is experiencing a surge in tourism, triggering a remarkable increase in flights from the United States. Tourists are flocking to its shores once again post-pandemic, prompting airlines to swiftly respond to the growing demand.

The minister of Tourism and Public Health of Aruba, Dangui Oduber, reported that in the first quarter of 2023, the island welcomed 306,305 tourists, an increase of 4.1% compared to the first quarter of 2019. Nearly eight in ten are American tourists.

The surge in flights and expanded services reflects the island’s enduring allure and growing popularity among travelers. With improved connectivity and an ever-expanding network of flights, Aruba solidifies its position as a premier destination for those seeking a tropical paradise.

Here’s how several U.S. airlines are ramping up flights to Aruba.

American Airlines

American Airlines, a major player in Aruba’s air travel, has announced significant adjustments to its flight schedule to accommodate the surge in visitors. Responding to the demand, the airline has doubled the frequency of its Charlotte to Aruba flights, now operating twice daily. The airline has also multiplied its weekly flights connecting Philadelphia and Aruba, providing travelers with eight flight options each week.


JetBlue, the second-largest airline serving the island, has resumed its Saturday service departing from Newark. The move aims to capitalize on the tourism surge by catering to the growth in travelers seeking a Caribbean getaway.

Spirit Airlines

Budget airline Spirit Airlines has exciting news for winter travelers. Starting from the upcoming winter season of 2023-2024, Spirit Airlines will elevate its Fort Lauderdale to Aruba service from twice-weekly to daily flights. This expansion aims to meet the rising demand from travelers.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines has also joined the lineup of airlines bolstering their operations to Aruba. In January 2024, Delta will introduce a second daily flight between Atlanta and Aruba for the winter season.

Air Canada

The surge in flights to Aruba also extends beyond the U.S. market. Air Canada has announced the resumption of its service to Aruba in October, offering three weekly flights. WestJet has also hinted at increasing flight frequencies to the island during the winter, broadening the options available to travelers.