Debunked: Sweden Is Not Hosting a 'Sex Championship' Despite Rumors
Photo Credit: Hello Africa

Photo Credit: Hello Africa

Debunked: Sweden Is Not Hosting a 'Sex Championship' Despite Rumors

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Jun 8, 2023

Recent reports suggesting that Sweden is on the verge of introducing sexual intercourse as a registered sport have sparked controversy and spread like wildfire. Claims of a sex championship scheduled for June 8 in Gothenburg have captured the attention of millions worldwide. However, reputable Swedish news agencies have confirmed that these reports are entirely unfounded.

The origin of this viral news can be traced back to unverified tweets that quickly gained traction on various social media platforms. Subsequently, numerous news outlets picked up the story, providing details of a multi-week event where participants would compete for hours each day, with various disciplines and performance-based judging.

According to the Swedish news outlet Goterborgs-Posten, the proposal for a sex championship was indeed submitted by Dragan Bratych, the chairman of the Swedish Federation of Sex. The organization aimed to have sex registered as a sport and launch a corresponding sports competition. However, their proposal was rejected by the National Sports Confederation of Sweden in April, rendering any claims of an imminent sex competition in the country utterly false.

Bjorn Eriksson, the chief of the sports federation, confirmed the rejection of the application by the National Sports Confederation, citing failure to meet their requirements. Further investigation revealed that Dragan Bratych, besides his role in the Federation, operates several strip clubs in Sweden. Bratych had applied in January, arguing that sex should be classified as a sport due to its purported physical and mental health benefits. Nonetheless, the National Sports Confederation deemed the application incomplete.

The initial viral reports provided intricate details about the alleged European Sex Championship, including the number of participants, match durations, and scoring system. These reports claimed that 20 individuals had registered for the championship, engaging in sexual activities across various disciplines.

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