A new study reveals that a shocking 2 in 3 Americans can’t actually enjoy vacation due to excessive pressure.

Following a survey of 2,000 U.S. adult citizens, the results came in to confirm the reality of ‘vacation pressure.’ OnePoll conducted the study on behalf of Club Wyndham.

The study also showed that a typical vacation lasts around a week and the average U.S. citizen doesn’t start to relax until three days into the trip

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According to the study, most U.S. travelers (about 62%) said that they worried about wasting their vacation time in tourist traps. They were also concerned that they weren’t getting the very best of the destination while visiting.

Other key aspects contributing to the unhappiness are not having enough money during a trip (30%), making sure their credit cards work domestically or abroad (29%) as well as feeling they won’t be able to do or see everything they planned (29%). Even with the stress, most Americans cited that travel helps their mental well-being (73%) and helps them recover from burnout (37%).

It seems that most travelers were open to the idea of slow travel as a remedy for the vacation pressure. According to the study, 2 in 5 said they were “very interested” in slow traveling. The appeal of moving at a slower pace and getting to know a city and neighborhood with more time seems to be rooted in the pivot away from vacation pressure.

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