Sometimes you need to unwind while on your getaway, so why not check out one of these spas in Mexico and the Caribbean?

Step away from the spouse, friends, and kids you traveled with, or bring them along for the experience.

What does self-care look like for you? A manicure and pedicure? A soothing facial? Or maybe a deep tissue massage following an arduous day of activities? There are so many services available.

All of these spas in Mexico and the Caribbean are connected to resorts, so you can conveniently return to your room or villa after your service. Here are 7 of our favorites.

1. SE Spas- Mexico

Photo Courtesy of Wellnessing By Velas Resorts

If you’re going to be at any of the three Grand Velas resorts in the Riviera Maya, Los Cabos and Riviera Nayarit, SE Spas offer fantastic services, recognized by Travel & Leisure and Forbes among others.

On arrival, guests are paired with a wellness alchemist (a kind of specialized concierge) who guides them through their spa journey and “answers questions regarding suite amenities, restaurant reservations,” and more.

The Riviera Nayarit spa boasts 20 treatment rooms, and you can bring your older children and teenagers, as there are facilities just for them.

The Riviera Maya spa offers a signature Water Journey experience, incorporating healing plants sacred in Mayan culture.

You can choose from a selection of facials, full-body massages, and hand and foot care. You may be surprised by how integral that kind of care is to overall health.

The services offered at the Los Cabos spa are firmly rooted in ancient traditions, and this is evident in the treatments as well as the decor.






2. Ojas Spa & Wellness - St. Lucia

Photo by Monstera

Heading to St. Lucia? Ojas Spa & Wellness prides itself on elevating the “physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual” sides of all guests.

They specialize in Ayurveda, “the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world,” which focuses on improving the overall wellness of the individual, rather than focusing on treating one ailment.

The massage menu offers something for singles, couples, pregnant people, and those seeking hand and foot reflexology services.

Yoga and meditation, with emphasis on breath control and chanting, are available as well.

3. The Ocean Spa- Jamaica

Photo by Rodnae Productions

If you’re staying at Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, be sure to check out The Ocean Spa, described by one Trip Advisor user as “a little slice of heaven.” It has a five-star rating there.

Imagine getting a CBD Cannabis massage or an Aromatherapy massage, while you are lulled to sleep by the sea lapping at the shore. It truly doesn’t get much better.

Take a yoga class tailored to your skill level, which is offered twice a week, with blocks and mats provided.

Top it all off with a glass of lemonade while you lounge in the on site saltwater sea bath.





4. NIZUC Spa - Mexico

Photo by GaPeppy 1

NIZUC is an award-winning resort and spa in Cancún, “once a base for Mayan astronomers, and set within a paradise of protected mangroves and lush local foliage.”

There’s the custom Mayan Mindfulness program, built on the Mayan approach to enjoying stillness whenever possible. That ancient civilization was on to something; it isn’t healthy to be “on” all the time.

This program includes a full body massage, with focus on the scalp and feet, or a facial  by a specialist who guides clients through deep breathing techniques, while exfoliating the skin.



5. Cheval Blanc Spa- St. Barts

Photo by Rodnae Productions

Cheval Blanc in St. Barts also has several locations in France.

This is the place to come when you need respite from the hot sun. In fact, this spa specializes in treating sun damaged skin.

There is a sauna, four treatment rooms, and a relaxation pavilion. The pavilion is flanked by sheer curtains, palms, and fragrant  frangipani.

While you’re getting a massage there, you might find yourself relaxed to the point of sleep.




6. COMO Shambhala Spa- Turks & Caicos

Photo by Cottonbro

Located on Turks & Caicos, COMO Shambhala offers yoga, Pilates, and the standard spa services. The pavilions all face the North Caicos Channel.

If you aren’t sure exactly what service you’d like, or how many, you’ll be paired with an expert to help you make the best choice.




7. Six Senses Spa- Dominican Republic

Photo by Rodnae Productions

The Six Senses Spa is part of the Punta Cana Resort & Club in The Dominican Republic.

Consider a hot or cold stone therapy massage with your lover, or a honey, coconut, or coffee facial. You’ll be sure to walk away smelling as good as you feel.

Pulverized coffee beans and chili oil are used in some full body massages to diminish the appearance of cellulite where it appears most frequently: the thighs and stomach.

The spa has a strict no cell phone or loud talking policy, to preserve a tranquil atmosphere for all guests.