Creating your travel itinerary can be one of the most exciting parts of planning a solo trip. Sometimes it depends on what kind of trip you want to take and not everyone enjoys spending hours researching and booking excursions. 

If you’re planning your next vacation or looking for more diversity in your first solo getaway, these five Black-owned excursion companies offer unforgettable ways to enjoy the planning, booking, staying, and returning experience. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose which one could work best for you.

Mount Noire: Bringing Color to the Mountains 

Whether you’re into winter sports or want a bougie vacation in the snow, Mount Noire is a great place to start making that dream become a reality. The founders and operational team of Black women have a combined 15 years of experience in the ski industry. Their mission is to improve representation in winter sports by taking up space on the slopes. They have regular ski and snowboarding trips—including an outstanding 2024 lineup— and are known for creating a welcoming community that learns to enjoy and share their love for the slopes.

The Wind Collective: Uniting Creativity and Adventure 

The Wind Collective is not following in the footsteps of your average travel community. They inspire Black people to see the world and foster genuine connections through cultural immersion and unique adventures. With a mission to expand inclusivity in travel, they create safe spaces for travelers of color from underrepresented backgrounds. Their group trips are co-hosted by vetted creative explorers and you can build a personal library of Instagram-ready content. Excursions can vary from a skiing weekend in Bulgaria to becoming a ninja samurai in Japan to trekking secret waterfalls in Bali. Whether you’re a digital nomad or have wanderlust, they have something for you to enjoy no matter wherever your next trip takes you. 

Black In Travel: Your Trusted Travel Companion 

Black In Travel was created by and for people of color as a reliable space for travel inspiration, planning, and group or solo trips. They have a vetted community where you can discover, plan, and book places you actually want to visit. Locations include Tulum, Mexico or Cape Town, South Africa, and Havana, Cuba. They simplify how Black travelers connect through local events and share news of upcoming destinations for the upcoming year. The B.A.G. Travel sector supports LGBTQ+ travelers by helping them find the right excursions for their travels. Black In Travel is a community that understands wanderlust and provides a safe and exciting outlet for it.

Curiocity Africa: Experience Africa Authentically

Curiocity Africa is a network of African design hostels that offer an authentic experience of the motherland continent. Their accommodations focus on affordability and beautiful African design to reflect the local culture. They deliberately set their South African locations away from the touristy areas of Johannesburg and Cape Town. This provides guests with an easy and fun way to experience the most genuine local areas and activities. They partner with local businesses and individuals to ensure each stay is unique and enriching.

The Travel Divas: Your Premier Female-Only Group Travel Company

The Travel Divas is the name to remember if you’ve always wanted to take a group trip with your girls. As an award-winning travel company, they create and host travel events worldwide. They offer various destinations and experiences to book from Africa to Asia and Europe to South America. There’s a trip package all ready for your trip (or you and your girlfriends) to book throughout the year. Their mission is to cater to Black women solo and group travelers by creating well-planned and all-inclusive trips that balance your itinerary with cultural adventures and leisure activities. 

Now it’s time to plan your next trip better with one (or more) of these five Black-owned travel companies. Whichever one you choose, there’s no doubt that it’ll be an amazing experience you’ll want to do again and again.