Sofia’s Place is the newest Black-owned restaurant to open in Lisbon, and it’s already known for more than the Cape Verdean cuisine it serves. It’s a place where you can feel right at home – a feeling that is intentional for founder Ana Sofia Lopes.

“I wanted to a place of gathering where people can eat well but also enjoy themselves,” Lopes told Travel Noire. “When you walk into the door, I want you to feel like you’re going to connect and explore.”

Lopes has lived and traveled all over the world. Now, she’s sharing her experience with every bite. You will find a ton of dishes that represent her Cape Verdean and Portuguese background, but also flavors from Brazil, Cuba, and other places in the Caribbean.

“In Portugal, people eat a lot of fish but what makes our food different is we prepare the fish in spicy coconut milk,” Lopes added. “It’s one of our bestsellers.”


One Of Lisbon’s Few Black-Owned Restaurants

Lopes comes from a family that’s known to break barriers. Her father is known for launching one of the first Black-owned construction companies in Lisbon.

But even with his success, Lopes says being a Black business owner in Lisbon is not easy.

“I feel a lot of responsibility because as one of the few in Lisbon, I want to be able to represent us properly. I want to show people in this community that this is possible and bring more of our people to the top.”


Sofia’s Place is located at 67 Rua de São Bento in Lisbon. Follow the restaurant on Instagram for more information about the hours and menu.

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