‘Sleeping With A Rasta’: Article Reveals The Reality Of Male Prostitution In Jamaica
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

‘Sleeping With A Rasta’: Article Reveals The Reality Of Male Prostitution In Jamaica

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Nov 27, 2022

For many Americans and Europeans, Jamaica is a paradise destination where they can enjoy beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes, wonderful cuisine and vibrant nightlife in 5-star luxury resorts across the country. However, for other tourists, this Caribbean nation can also provide sexual fantasies involving male prostitution in Jamaica and tourists, mainly from the UK.

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As Daily Mail reported recently, Jamaican men living in Montego Bay, Jamaica’s tourism capital, revealed an open secret among their society – a lucrative male prostitution industry that sees locals cashing in on a ‘white fantasy’ of sleeping with a ‘Rasta’.

$800 to sleep with a tourist's wife

According to the British media outlet, these men choose prostitution to have a better income as many of them can only earn less than $500 per month.

“Many said they feel British and American tourists are looking to fufil a ‘fantasy’ of sleeping with a ‘Rastaman,” Daily Mail wrote.

‘The most I’ve been offered for one hour is $800 from a white man who wanted me to sleep with his wife in front of him,’ Jason, 31, told Daily Mail. He currently works as a taxi driver, but before he worked for eight years in the tourism industry in Jamaica.

Financial compensation

Male prostitution, which sees large amounts of money changing hands for services rendered, offers some of the financial compensation they are seeking.

As a single father of six children, Jason said that he has always had problems providing a decent quality of life for his family due to the cost of living in Jamaica. However, he declined the offer.

‘I know plenty of people who have done it. They can make more money than women can. Personally, I don’t want to do it because I might catch feelings, even if something is meant to be for a night you can still form a connection you know?’

Renting a Black man for a week

Jason added that many female tourists approach him, some twice his age. They offer money if he shared their bed for the week, or in some cases just the night. He said: “The oldest woman who approached me said she was 60, she offered me cash. Many female tourists have a fantasy about renting a Black man for a week.”

Having sexual intercourse with an authentic ‘'Bob Marley'

Daily Mail interviewed another Jamaican male. Known as Short Boss, he sells marijuana on the beach and he told the media outlet that tourists have a particular fantasy about men whose hair is styled into locs, and who are known as ‘Rastamen’.

He revealed that rich white men have a fetish to see their women having sexual intercourse with an authentic ‘’Bob Marley’, reinforcing the notions of the Jamaican racial stereotype.

Dreaming about living in the UK

The article also revealed that many of those men work as male prostitutes to live a life of luxury, driving fancy cars and wearing designer clothes. Some have the ambition to be invited to the UK by a resident to secure a visa.

“I would like to go to England and watch Manchester United play,” a Jamaican man named Jack told Daily Mail.

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