Shanquella Robinson's Brutal Murder In Mexico Is Being Investigated By The FBI
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Shanquella Robinson's Brutal Murder In Mexico Is Being Investigated By The FBI

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Nov 18, 2022

This morning, Ya Girl Ming posted on Twitter, “also, thanks to social media, the case of Shanquella Robinson has been escalated to FBI investigation.”

What was supposed to be a fun vacation in Mexico quickly turned into a nightmare. In October, Shanquella Robinson was brutally beaten by her travel companions, which resulted in her death. These events were captured on camera.

Robinson was only 25.

The case continues to inspire horror, and disgust, calling for those responsible to face justice. Now it may finally be on the way.

What Prompted FBI Involvement?

According to BET, “the federal law enforcement agency has reportedly intervened on behalf of the deceased woman’s parents, Salamondra and Bernard Robinson. They reported her death after Mexican authorities suggested there was no foul play.”

Complex reported, “Robinson’s funeral is scheduled for this coming weekend in Charlotte. ”

Her father said, “all I’ve been doing is just crying, trying to figure out what happened. I can’t even be a grandfather, can’t even walk her down the aisle, she’s gone.”

How Did Twitter Respond?

Twitter users were particularly horrified.

Crystal Clear Destiny tweeted, “I am glad to hear. Good job to everyone who pushed this story. Help this family get justice for their daughter.”

Chi Weller said, “One day we gon really recognize our power.”

A third person said, “I saw people say her family asked for her video to be shared (despite how sad and hurtful of a decision that must have been to make!) BECAUSE they hoped social media could help them get answers, get action. And it worked.”

Robinson Died Horribly

The hairstylist was in Cabo to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

She was dead a day into the trip, and not due to alcohol poisoning as her so- called friends told her parents.

The autopsy report revealed that a broken neck and spinal cord injuries were the cause of death.

According to Revolt, her travel companions “reportedly left her body in their vacation rental and returned home to the states.”

The Video Of Her Last Moments Went Viral

Revolt reported “a video surfaced online of what appears to be cellphone footage of Shanquella naked, being brutally beaten by one of her friends in a bedroom of their vacation rental in Mexico. At least two other people were present during the altercation with one heard telling her to ‘fight back.’

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