It seems like a pipe dream to locate a spot where one can disengage when constant digital stimulation is the norm. But hidden in the north of France is a little-known town called Seine-Port, where the contemporary world is left at the door. Enforcing a ban on cell phones in public settings, this community is boldly retreating from the digital world. For those yearning for a genuine escape from the constant pings and notifications, packing your bags and heading to Seine-Port might just be the next best option.

The Bold Move to Ban Cell Phones

Known for its calm setting, Seine-Port, in the Seine-et-Marne district, has a population of less than 2,000. In keeping with the town’s serenity, the village mayor proposed limiting smartphone use. This was in response to growing worries about technology’s widespread effect on people. The move is to encourage more human interaction and reduce reliance on digital gadgets. Everyone, from kids to adults, is subject to the rules. While waiting for children at school gates, strolling down the street, sitting in parks, shopping, or eating at restaurants, it is prohibited to scroll on smartphones. 

Not only was the public limitation passed, but a family charter addressing screen time for children was also approved. This means no screens in the morning, in bedrooms, before bedtime, or during eating. Parents who agree not to give their children smartphones before age 15 can receive a basic device only for phone calls. Most locals have embraced the idea, seeing it as a necessary step toward reducing screen addiction. Still, others have reservations about the project, claiming it violates their liberties.

While the ban is not legally enforceable, it is a guideline for limiting phone use. Local businesses are encouraged to follow suit. They can display stickers on their windows and politely ask customers to refrain from using their phones.

Find Peace in Seine-Port

If not answering your phone in public for a bit sounds like your kind of break, Seine-Port provides activities that guarantee a peaceful stay. You can meander through the village’s alleyways without your phone distracting you. Stop by the local bakery to sample the region’s famous treats. For nature enthusiasts, the surrounding countryside is good for exploration. Enjoy a bike or walk along one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. You can picnic by the river or simply watch the sunset. Either way, the Seine provides a peaceful escape from daily life.