Learn About 5 of The Most Famous Rivers in the World
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Free Nomad

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Free Nomad

Learn About 5 of The Most Famous Rivers in the World

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Sep 20, 2023

You’ll find rivers all over the planet, but not all are considered iconic. Aside from aesthetics, they’ve played critical roles in irrigation, travel, and sustaining human and animal life. In observance of World Rivers Day on September 24, here are five of the most famous rivers in the world.

Seine River – France

The Seine is the heart of Paris, and it has witnessed plenty in its long history. It divides the city into two sections-the Left Bank and the Right Bank. Cafes, vendors and boutique shops flank The Seine. If you’re looking for an idyllic site for a long walk other than the Luxembourg or Tuileries gardens, the Seine is perfect. Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower are just three iconic structures nearby.

Rhône River – Switzerland and France

Another well-known river is the Rhône, the second longest in France. It starts at the Rhône Glacier in Switzerland and flows into France. It has its share of iconic structures, including Pont du Gard and the Papal Palace. In its earliest days, the Rhône was home to several Celtic tribes, while the ancient Greeks and Romans used it for trade.

Nile River – Egypt

From Biblical times to the present day, this river inspires wonder. Aside from Egypt, the Nile is in contact with ten other nations, including Kenya, Ethiopia and Burundi. The Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple and the Tomb of King Tut are in proximity.

Mississippi River – Mississippi

They don’t call it “Old Man River” for nothing. The Mississippi River is an American icon and it cuts through ten states. It provided sustenance for Native American tribes until they were displaced or killed by the Europeans.

Thames River – England

The Thames has origins in the Ice Age. The Romans, Vikings and Normans used this waterway, and it’s the longest river in England. Several hotels offer direct views of the Thames, like the London Marriott and The Mondrian. If you’d like to view the river aerially, book a ride on the London Eye.

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