Saudi Arabia authorities arrested Saad Ibrahim Almadi last year over tweets written against the government. Almadi, who is 72 years old and also a citizen of Saudi Arabia flew from Florida to Riyadh to spend the holidays back in November of 2021. His son, Ibrahim Almadi has finally spoken out against the advice of American officials.

The Saudi claim:

Saudis claim Almadi is guilty of supporting and funding terrorism against Saudi Arabia. Almadi son expressed the only evidence presented to support this allegation was 14 tweets on Almadi’s twitter feed. The tweets consist of Almadi criticizing the demolition of within the cities of Mecca and Jeddah, poverty within the kingdom, and sentiments over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Photo Credit: Shams Alam Ansari

Two weeks ago prosecutors wanted to sentence him to 42 years in jail. He was sentenced to 16 years as well as given a travel ban for another 16 years.

How it will end:

His son hasn’t spoken to Almadi since his arrest but has been told by members of his family in Saudi Arabia that his father was fine. However his son feels otherwise. Ibrahim Almadi is critical of the U.S. government, stating they aren’t doing enough for his case. His son claims there were only two meetings conducted between U.S. and Saudi officials and the first of the two came 6 months after his arrest.

Ibrahim has reached out to the White House and hasn’t heard a response. He first revealed his father’s story to the BBC when Joe Biden made his trip to Saudi Arabia this year in July. He believes the trip made by the president has welcomed back Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad “into the fold of world leaders,” as reported by the BBC.

Ibrahim expressed to the BBC that is a citizen was detained by Russia or Iran there would be more action taken. “But if you’re held in Saudi Arabia, a barrel of oil is worth more than you, habibi,” he said.