Avid travelers know the quest for optimizing your travel game and gear is ongoing. One of the biggest considerations, especially when space is of the essence, is finding the right accessories that are both efficient and effective. The newest wave of trending luggage is collapsible suitcases, and one of the top brands is Rollink.

Travel Noire editors put a Rollink suitcase to the test during a multi-city, multi-flight travel adventure. Here’s what you should know about this collapsible suitcase brand.

Rollink is an innovative smart luggage brand known for creating the world’s slimmest luggage. The suitcase collection is designed with flexibility and sustainability in mind. Each style gives you the space you need when you need it, and the convenience of space optimization when you don’t. What we love most about the Rollink suite of luggage is it delivers the quality of hard-side luggage without the fuss of the bulky sets we’re used to.

Rollink has three collections available: Flex 360° Spinner, Flex Vega and Flex Aura. The Flex 360° Spinner collection is durable, collapsible, and makes navigating the airport easy with it’s 360-degree maneuverability. Flex Vega suitcases are the practical choice for weekend getaways or short business trips. Flex Aura is designed for a luxury traveler in need of stylish and compact hand luggage.

For the TN test, we opted for the Flex 360° International Carry-On Spinner Suitcase. Although this collection comes in other sizes, from domestic carry-on to large checked bags, we wanted to gauge the ease of traversing airports with the smaller Rollink in tow.

woman with Rollink suitcase
Photo credit: Rollink

Designed For Sustainability and Storage

When the international carry-on case first arrived, we wondered if we might have to IKEA the situation because the packaging was so small. Instead, it was simply a matter of pulling it out of the box and accompanying duster case and popping it open. No assembly is required.

The compact design is 75 percent thinner than the average suitcase, which makes shipping much more environmentally friendly. It also makes storing your suitcase a breeze, as it’s slim enough to fit under the bed or on a shelf closet. Unlike the traditional luggage, you won’t have to sacrifice space to make room for your Rollink suitcase.

Plenty of Styles and Sizes to Choose From

Each Rollink collection comes in a selection of styles and colors that might make it hard to decide. Most of the suitcases are available in a range of up to eight colors. Due to demand, you’ll want to be mindful that some colors may be out of stock so making your selection sooner than later is a good idea.

The Flex 360° Spinner collection offers the largest selection of suitcase sizes. Options include the standard carry-on (perfect for domestic travel), the international carry-on, medium checked, and large checked. Unlike the other two collections, the Flex 360° Spinners all have four wheels while the others have two. From sleek to functional, there isn’t a bad pick when it comes to the Rollink brand of suitcases.

The Verdict: How Did It Go?

It’s safe to say that Rollink might be a new favorite and well worth the hype. The lightweight luggage was insanely easy to travel with and nothing in the way of quality is sacrificed in its unique design.

Some of our favorite features include the built-in TSA-approved lock, 360° double spinner wheels and collapsible siding. Inner pockets made storing smaller items super easy. It also comes with a luggage strap to help keep your bag closed during your travel journey. Rollink’s 5-year warranty guarantee surely doesn’t hurt either.

The scratch- and water-resistant outer shell withstood multiple flights between Africa and Europe, although not without a little show of use. Although its compactness is what makes it ideal, the carry-on still easily fits enough clothing for a five-day trip. The Rollink carry-on makes us want to invest in other pieces to complete the set. When space and efficiency are of utmost importance, Rollink is a solid way to go.