Rohan Marley Takes Us Inside His Mexican Wellness Retreat, Sun House
Photo Credit: RoMarley Beach House

Photo Credit: RoMarley Beach House

Rohan Marley Takes Us Inside His Mexican Wellness Retreat, Sun House

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Apr 26, 2021

Legendary heir Rohan Marley opened his popular beach club RoMarley Beach House at The Fives Oceanfront in the Puerto Morelos area of Quintana Roo, last year. Situated on the stunning Riviera Maya oceanfront, the luxury boutique property has already seen high profile guests like Ray Lewis, Eva Marcille, and Cynthia Bailey to name a few.

Now, Rohan along with experience curator, Sharina Gutierrez, is looking to take the luxury experience to a new level with the introduction of a wellness retreat June 15-20, 2021.

Sun House, is a 6-day, 5-night all-inclusive retreat designed to unlock the superpowers of the mind, body, and “sol” while focusing on all elements of life.

Rohan Marley
Courtesy of Sun House

“We opened RoMarley Beach House in the middle of the pandemic,” Rohan Marley told Travel Noire. “It was a God-send. This place, it represents love, unity, strength and change. Now, I want people to feel the magic that I’ve been feeling here in Mexico over the last nine months. I want to extend that same love my father spoke about, to everyone.”

The name, Sun House, derives from the beach club’s name. Within the logo, the ‘o’ of RoMarley is shaped as a sun, so Marley decided to expound on that by naming the spiritual experience after its location.

“The energy, the elements, even the cenotes— everything about this location is magical. I really put my heart and soul into this beach club, and now retreat.”

Courtesy of RoMarley Beach House

After a heavy 2020, and even a rough start to 2021, this wellness retreat is a way for the Sun House team to bring revitalization, uplifting, and purification to the world. Being among the Mayan Ruins, is a spiritual connection in itself, Marley explains.

“We are carrying forth Bob Marley’s legacy,” Sharina Gutierrez explained. “This type of experience is exactly what he sang about. It’s all about healing the world while spreading the “One Love” message.”

Attendees can expect Reggae sound and ice baths, detoxifying meals, breath work therapy, and blessings from Mayan and local community healers, plus plenty more. It will not only alkaline your body, but also detox it too. When you leave, you will tap into a brand-new version of self.

“Sharina is the real magic behind this, she really added that feminine element” he said. “The sound baths are really special. I literally felt like my body and soul were elevating. This environment is just so beautiful.”

Courtesy of RoMarley Beach House

Marley and Gutierrez pulled in local Mayan healers to add a more authentic touch to the retreat. If you know anything about the culture, you know they are very spiritual people as well.

“There will be sessions with Mayan and Yucatán indigenous healers,” Gutierrez said. “We want to show love to the community while also brining awareness to their healing and spiritual realm. This retreat is really designed to help release any traumas you hold inside while unlocking your true spiritual potential. The best investment you can make is an investment in self. Everything else will fall into place.”

To learn more about Sun House visit:

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