Robinson Farms: Inside Missouri's Largest Black, Family-Owned Resort
Photo Credit: Robinson Farms Nxt Gen | Facebook

Photo Credit: Robinson Farms Nxt Gen | Facebook

Robinson Farms: Inside Missouri's Largest Black, Family-Owned Resort

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jun 22, 2022

Robinson Farms Nxt Gen is the newest Black-owned resort in Missouri. Sitting on over 95 acres of land, it is the largest Black-owned resort in the state.

It’s a dream that has come into fruition nearly ten years after co-owner Drucella Robinson-Perkins says she first received the vision from God.

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“I’m an interior designer, but I was working outside of my field in computers as a configuration manager. I hated it because I’m really a creative,” she tells Travel Noire. “I started talking to God one day and asked, ‘What am I supposed to do with all my gifts?’ The Lord told me to open a hotel.”

Perkins says that’s not what she was expecting to hear, nor was it something on her radar.

She pursued the dream for seven years and originally planned to open the resort in Virginia.

But plans changed after attending a friend’s wedding in Missouri. She stretched the trip into ten days instead of a weekend to make time to see the majority of her 11 siblings.

“On the last day of the trip, I casually asked my friend if she knew anyone who had land between St. Louis and Memphis,” says Drucella. “She got a lady on the phone […], and the thing I know, my aunt and I are signing NDA forms with a lady to discuss the vision on the same day I am heading back home to Virginia.”

Drucella explained to the woman that she comes from a generation of Black farmers. Her grandparents and parents were both farmers. The siblings were discussing ways to turn the land they inherited into something that could serve the community.

She also discussed her vision to open a hotel. The woman, intrigued, phoned a real-estate agent who gave them about one-hour to look at a property on and off the market for ten years.

“We drive up and we noticed there were buildings such as a cottage, a red barn, and two other buildings on the property. We weren’t expecting that. I’m clinging to my aunt’s hand and I say, ‘Oh, my God. We have two barns?!’ We were already claiming the property.”

What To Expect At Missouri’s Black-Owned Resort

Robinson Farms Nxt Gen pays homage to their roots of giving back.

“My father had a community garden and he fed the community,” she says. “After our parents passed away, we realized we were the next generation. We wondered what would our legacy be?”

The co-owners created Robinson Farms to offer ultimate relaxation and the chance to connect to nature. It’s an exclusive, gated property offering breathtaking views of the hillside.

It’s refined country living where visitors can enjoy an outdoor garden, complimentary bikes, a private wine cellar, and more. The owners are also booking the space for weddings, corporate venues, and more.

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For more information on how to book a stay, click here.

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