Meet Rob Lester: The Black Man Bringing A Taste Of The South To Medellín
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rob Lester

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rob Lester

Meet Rob Lester: The Black Man Bringing A Taste Of The South To Medellín

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 31, 2021

Rob Lester is one of the few Black restaurant owners in Medellín. Sweet Georgia Café is where Colombia meets American Soul in the form of music and daily brunch. The idea for the café came after he started to feel homesick.

“I moved here from Georgia and even though I’m much happier here than in America, I still miss it,” he told Travel Noire.

Lester explains that his move to Colombia in 2016 was out of neccessity to save his life.

“I got really sick at the time and I finally had to listen to my body. Your body will tell you when enough is enough,” he said. “After getting out the hospital, I started thinking about life different. I moved away because I was putting too much stress on my body.”

Courtesy of Rob Lester

Medellín started seeing an increase in expats, especially among the Black American community. Lester wanted to make sure everyone could get the Southern hospitality he longed for.

Inside his restaurant, guests can enjoy breakfast, vegan lunches, coffees, milkshakes, lemonades, desserts, and much more.

And with two locations across Medellin, it’s also a great place to have some alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and watch sports.

“Chicken & waffles are is big favorite and so are the oxtails.” said Lester. “This has really become a place where people can experience Black American culture.”

As for what’s next for Lester, he plans to open up more locations in different cities. Find out more information on the restaurant’s website.

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