Puerto Morelos Is The Perfect Mexico Escape, Without The Crowd
Photo Credit: Photo by @slum.maya

Photo Credit: Photo by @slum.maya

Puerto Morelos Is The Perfect Mexico Escape, Without The Crowd

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 11, 2020

Yes, we know. Everyone is in Mexico. It seems over the last 4-5 months travelers across the country have ended up in either Tulum or Cabo, leaving others super hesitant to travel among the crowds.

While you can definitely travel, we’ve found the perfect alternative for those who are looking for a secluded Mexican beach escape–while remaining diligent in practicing social distancing measures and hopefully getting a negative COVID test prior to departure.

The fishing town of Puerto Morelos, is located about 20-25 minutes from Cancun International Airport. It is still within the state of Quintana Roo, and only a 90-minute drive from Tulum.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Where to stay

For those who enjoy luxe accommodations, that are still easy on your budget, Grand Residences is a great option. The 144-all-suite resort is perfect for couples, families, or even the remote worker. Whether you’re staying for a few days, or a few weeks, this accommodation brings amazing beach views in addition to suites complete with a full kitchen and some of the largest balconies you will find.

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To ensure guest safety, the hotel is taking extra precaution with all cleaning and sanitizing measures. All staff are required to adhere to daily temperature checks prior to checking in, masks are mandatory, and all uniforms for staff are cleaned and housed on the property.

Photo by @slum.maya

The wifi at the resort literally extends to the beach, so you can take your computer onto the sand and spend your workday listening to the waves crash.

Additionally, there is a full market on the property, in case you want to cook or prepare your own meals. There are two indoor restaurants that offer socially distanced seating and you can also order food from your pool or beach chair, from The Heaven Beach Bar.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

What to do

Although Puerto Morelos is somewhat secluded, there is still plenty to do for those who don’t want to venture into Cancun or even to Tulum. While both destinations are very accessible by car, you can still have your dream getaway without leaving the area.

You will definitely want to check out Romarley Beach House, the new beachfront restaurant and bar opened by Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley. The outdoor area is a great Instagram-worthy spot, and the food is amazing. It is a mix of vegan and Jamaican-inspired dishes at a reasonable price.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

If you want to take in a little of the town’s culture, head to the Puerto Morelos Lighthouse area. You can see the fisherman hard at work, as well as walk the beachfront boardwalk. Just across the road is a cute little market area, with lots of trinkets handmade my local Mexican-artisans.

There are also several bike tours offered in the area, too. If you are looking for more adventure, you can rent jet skis and stand-up paddle boards from a local company that is typically set up on the beach. Either way, there is something for every interest. And, if none of this sounds appealing, you are a only short ride away from Cancun or any of the area’s many cenotes.

Photo by @slum.maya

As you can see, Puerto Morelos is perfect for those looking to safely escape. As always, we suggest wearing your mask and adhering to social distance guidelines when you travel.

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