Living in Mexico, I enjoy that there are many Black-owned businesses that offer a taste of home, culture, and a semblance of familiarity that is also such a vibe. When I heard that RoMarley Beach House was only 25 minutes away from where my family and I live in Cancun, we made our way ASAP.

Nestled in the area of Puerto Morelos, Mexico, a town in between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, RoMarley Beach House is housed by The Fives Hotels & Residences. Rohan Marley, an entrepreneur and one of the son’s of the great Bob Marley, opened RoMarley Beach House in July of 2020.

Upon entering The Fives property, you are greeted by a concierge who assists you with any bags and directs you into the picturesque lobby filled with waterfalls and neutral tones of art and décor.

Courtesy of Imani Bashir

The vibes are instantaneous and include reggae tunes, with a special focus on Bob Marley classics, and also offers live DJ’s and bands depending on the day or time of day. There’s an outdoor pool area and bar to have a cocktail and enjoy the weather.

Courtesy of Imani Bashir

The food offers an amazing assortment of Caribbean dishes that follow Rastafari lifestyle (no pork) and includes famous options such as Jamaican beef patties and jerk chicken. There are also hookahs available and with a beachfront view boasts the option to eat with your feet in the sand.

Jamaican patties & Tofu jerk tacos

With such a short distance to Cancun International Airport, I highly recommend visiting RoMarley Beach House, but also booking your stay with The Fives as an enhancement to the experience. It is a great place to meet many people and you may also end up running into Rohan Marley playing soccer on the beach.