Private Jet Company Offers Pet-Friendly Travel for Dog and Cat Owners
Photo Credit: Zen Chung

Photo Credit: Zen Chung

Private Jet Company Offers Pet-Friendly Travel for Dog and Cat Owners

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña May 11, 2023

A pet-focused airline has launched private charters for pet owners looking for an exclusive travel experience. K9 Jets, a subsidiary of G6 Aviation, a high-end private jet service based in Birmingham, U.K., now offers a solution for pet owners who require private flights, according to Fox Business.

The business was established in July 2022 after G6 Aviation requested a private jet to transport 10 dogs from New Jersey to London while sharing costs among the pet owners. The co-founders of G6 Aviation, Kirsty and Adam Golder, launched K9 Jets, aiming to keep the experience a “boutique” one.

What Exactly Is K9 Jets?

K9 Jets, a pet-friendly airline, offers flights for dogs and cats on select routes, such as New Jersey to Los Angeles, Lisbon, London, and Paris, as well as London to Dubai and Nice. According to Kirsty Golder, co-founder of K9 Jets’ parent company G6 Aviation, a seat on a flight from New Jersey to London costs $8,925 and allows for one large dog over 51 pounds or two small dogs. The price is fixed and inclusive of taxes, snacks, refreshments, personalized gifts, and pet handling costs that do not require cages, muzzles, or lines.

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“The majority of our customers are relocating for work or retiring and once in a lifetime trip,” stated Golder in an email to FOX Business.

“They are not wealthy business executives, [they’re] middle-class people who want their fur family members next to them for a big journey,” he continued. “The cost is comparable to the cost of flying pets by cargo across the Atlantic.”

K9 Jets Client Demographic

K9 Jets collaborates with Pegasus Elite Aviation, a luxurious private jet company, or other licensed U.S. air carriers to operate as a public charter operator. Its sister brand, G6 Aviation, reportedly serves high-net-worth families, music moguls, professional athletes, and royals. K9 Jets is committed to contributing a portion of its profits to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a registered U.K. charity that provides lifesaving veterinary care, rehabilitation, and refuge to stray animals. For pet owners who prefer to travel on commercial airlines with their pets, American Express reports that in-cabin costs can range from $50 to $250 per flight, while in-cargo costs can range from $200 to $400 for animals weighing 75 pounds. Additional costs, such as bag fees, cabin carriers or cargo crates, and higher-priced seats, may also apply when traveling with pets.

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