In March 2020, Pamela Hunt and her husband were scheduled to attend a wedding in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans. The pandemic got full swing, and their trip to paradise was canceled. The couple was given flight credit for the cancellations.

Price Of The Pandemic

For Pamela Hunt, the pandemic didn’t just put a pause on their trip, but it also was the cause of her husband’s passing two years later. Eventually, Hunt went on the journey with her daughter with Greg’s ashes in hand. However, the flight was a thousand dollars more than it was, and Hunt couldn’t add her husband’s flight credit. So she decided to request a refund.

“Delta sent me an email and said, ‘Hey, send us a death certificate, flight information, all that stuff. And we’ll send the refund back.’ I did that,” Hunt said. “In March, they sent me an email saying they refunded the money.”

Delta issued the refund, but it was returned to the company she originally booked with, Priceline. As a result, Hunt is asking for $474.50 and compensation for the ticket increase she had to pay post-pandemic.

“I know, Covid hit, and everybody has had a problem with that, but we bought the tickets – you think they would have just rebooked the flight for us and not made us pay an additional $1,000? Having, you know, gone through all of that, but no, they didn’t,” Hunt said.

Priceline's Customer Service

Delta passenger
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Since pursuing her refund, Hunt has collected numerous receipts and emails. But, even with all the phone calls and notes she took, she has to start from square one every time she calls.

“It’s a two-hour ordeal,” Hunt said. “I’m so frustrated; I get run around to this department, that department – I have to explain my situation over and over again, give confirmation numbers, all this kind of stuff – I’m so frustrated every time I talk to them.”

Eventually, Priceline reached out to Hunt and told her that a check for $474.50 had been sent to her in the mail. Unfortunately,  fifteen days have passed, and she didn’t receive anything.

“I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ This is ridiculous,” she said. “They’re a multibillion-dollar company, and they couldn’t pay me a measly $474.50?”

Hunt Is On The Hunt

13 On Your Side reached out to Priceline’s press team, but they did not respond.

Then the news team sat with her on a call to Priceline’s customer service. For over an hour and 20 minutes, they were transferred to three customer service representatives. The final representative said an analyst would call her within 3-5 business days. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, either.

Hunt is still on a mission to get her money back, “It was my money. I paid for it, and I should be refunded for the consumer,” she said.