The Importance of Traveling with a Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Kindel Media

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Kindel Media

The Importance of Traveling with a Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Jul 7, 2023

While the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning shouldn’t deter anyone from exploring the world, it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones from this potential danger. Here’s what you need to know about the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and why carrying a portable carbon monoxide detector is a smart move during your travels.

Deaths From Carbon Monoxide

There has been an unfortunate increase in accidental deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning among travelers in recent years. A tragic incident occurred at a resort on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula just last month. Although such occurrences are not common, they are entirely preventable. Unfortunately, some countries lack regulations that require hotels to have functioning carbon monoxide detectors. In other cases, vacation rental platforms and hosts prioritize profits over safety. Until these issues are addressed, there may, unfortunately, continue to be more accidents in the future.

Carbon monoxide is an insidious threat as it is virtually impossible to detect without a functioning carbon monoxide detector. Malfunctioning furnaces, stoves, and water heaters can all lead to carbon monoxide leaks. Confined spaces like hotel rooms and rental units with inadequate ventilation are at an even higher risk. The best way to protect yourself from toxic levels of this gas is by having a working carbon monoxide detector that can alert you if you are in danger.

It’s important to seek medical treatment promptly if you start feeling unwell during your vacation. While it may be tempting to attribute symptoms to travel-induced stress or food poisoning, listening to your body and recognizing when something is amiss is crucial. Hotels and resorts often have nurses or medical professionals who can assess your condition and provide necessary guidance.

Absence of Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Accommodations

The absence of carbon monoxide detectors in accommodations is a concerning issue when traveling. Despite the potential dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, many hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals neglect to install these life-saving devices. This poses a significant risk to travelers who may be unaware of the presence of this odorless and deadly gas.

Without a functioning detector, identifying carbon monoxide leaks from malfunctioning appliances or inadequate ventilation becomes nearly impossible. Travelers should prioritize their safety by carrying a portable carbon monoxide detector during their journeys.

Selecting the Right CO Detector

When it comes to portable carbon monoxide detectors, travelers have a range of options available. In the search for a suitable detector, you should seek a compact size that would not add unnecessary weight or take up much space in your bag, particularly when traveling with just a carry-on. You should also get a battery-operated detector to eliminate the need for power converters when using international outlets.

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