Summertime is slowly wrapping up. However, families are still finding time to vacation before the warmer months conclude. If you’re a pet owner, chances are you don’t want to leave your furry friend behind. No matter where you’re traveling, you’ll probably find a few pet-friendly hotels. Specially curated with your pet in mind, these hotels provided basic amenities that cater to both you and your pet. From exclusive, pet-only suites to room service menus, pet-friendly hotels are a must when traveling with a man’s best friend.

There are many things to consider when picking a pet-friendly hotel. You should think about the individual needs of your pets, how many pets you’ll be traveling with, and which hotel charges extra for pet stays. Once you evaluate your needs, take some time to thoroughly research pet-friendly hotels in the destination to find the right fit for you. Here’s a list of some of TN’s favorite pet-friendly hotels to help you narrow down your search.

Royal Palms Resort & Spa - Phoenix

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Photo Courtesy of the Royal Palms Resort & Spa.

If you decide to stay at the Royal Palms Resort & Spa in Phoenix, your furry friends are in for a treat. Upon arrival, dog friends are greeted with a custom dog treat just for them. They also have dog beds, bowl mats, water bottles, and bowls. Pet owners also what away with some valuable canine health and wellness information. On special holidays like National Dog Day, the resort also offers doggy pools, splash pads, and accessories for fun in the sun. 

Skyline Lodge - Highlands, North Carolina

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Photo Courtesy of Helena Lopes.

Next time you’re visiting near Highlands, NC with your dogs, make sure to stay at Skyline Lodge. The property has unmatched hospitality when it comes to caring for your furry friends. Upon arrival, lodge staff greets your pup with an “expresso shot” of whipped cream. There are in-room dog beds, bowls, and in-house-made dog treats. Dogs are allowed all over the lodge property except in the restaurant. However, they are allowed on the restaurant’s terrace. Skyline Lodge charges a $75 pet fee per night up to $300 so keep that in mind when booking here. 

Carmel Valley Ranch - Carmel, CA

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Photo Courtesy of Carmel Valley Ranch.

Surrounded by 500 acres of land, Carmel Valley Ranch is the perfect place for your pets to run and play. There are water bowls and bottles, plush dog beds, and even waste bags readily available for guests. What’s even cooler is the special pet menu at Carmel Valley Ranch. Created especially for V.I.D’s (very important dogs), the room service menus are customized just for dogs in mind and are a unique amenity special to this property. 

Kimpton Sylvan Hotel - Atlanta

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Photo Courtesy of Barnabas Davoti.

Considered the most pet-friendly hotel in America, the Kimpton Sylvan Hotel is a must-stay if you’re traveling to Atlanta with your pets. For one, the hotel doesn’t charge you extra fees for your pets to along with you. They also don’t discriminate against the type of pets you have. Llamas, ostriches, and penguins have all spent a night or two at Kimpton Sylvan. So you’ll never have to leave your pet at home no matter what species they are. Another great thing about this hotel is that your pets don’t have to remain confined to your room. Kimpton Sylvan has multiple spots throughout the property where your furry friends are welcome including the rooftop, lush garden grounds, and the bar. 

Grand Hyatt Vail - Vail, CO

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Photo Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Vail.

Located in Colorado, the Grand Hyatt Vail is a true adventure for a pup and its family. Like Carmel Valley Ranch, they also have a special dog menu. Rightfully deemed the Pooch Pampering Menu, the Grand Hyatt Vail caters to your dog’s needs just as much as they do their human guests. There’s a pet-friendly fireside lounge for dogs to relax near and a special doggy happy hour each day during the summer months. 

Great Scotland Yard Hotel - London

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Photo Courtesy of Great Scotland Yard Hotel.

If you find yourself shooting overseas to London with your furry friend, be sure to stay at the Great Scotland Yard Hotel. This hotel is a dream come true for dogs and puppies. Every other Sunday there’s a Dog Afternoon Tea in the Parlour. The hotel has worked with canine nutrition experts to develop a menu full of organic meats and veggies. There are delicious pick peony pupcakes and other desserts as well so you’re dog will leave full and happy.

The Betsy South Beach - Miami

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Photo Courtesy of Thatnicekid.

Your dog will feel right at home the moment you enter The Betsy South Beach in Miami. The hotel’s owner is an avid dog lover. His three canine buds live with him at the hotel and their inspiration can be seen in every detail. Katie the Gold Retriever’s face is embedded on all the keys while dog photography can be seen throughout the hotel. Your dog can watch the sunset on the roof with other pooches before heading to dinner or out on a walk. The Betsy charges a $150 pet fee but they have no restrictions on weight or breed. 

The Line DC - Washington, DC

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Photo Courtesy of muhannad alatawi.

Another hotel where the pets stay for free, The Line DC is a boutique hotel experience you and your pets will love. Designed with modernist and contemporary elements, The Line has no restrictions on breed or size. These rules also apply to their properties in LA and NYC. Staff provides basic amenities like poop bags, bowls, and treats. They also have a slew of suggestions on pet-friendly spots throughout the city for you to check out with your furry buddy. 

Fairmont Copley Plaza - Boston

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Photo Courtesy of Ruca Souza.

As soon as you enter Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston, you’re greeted by Cori Copley. The furry canine hotel ambassador is always ready for play dates and walks so your pup will feel right at home. Fairmont Copley Plaza stands out amongst Boston’s array of pet-friendly hotels. The hotel only charges a $50 pet fee and they have special packages that include treats, toys, and other goodies for your dog. There’s a Biscuit Bar at the front desk you’ll definitely want to visit each day and a grassy knoll right outside the hotel that’s perfect for potty breaks.