Overwater bungalows provide intimate and unique lodgings for vacationers that are also commonly located along interconnected piers with other villas. As of recently, these types of accommodations have become popular at tropical destinations and coastal resorts. These villas are usually extravagant with a price tag to match, so affordable options cater to travelers who may want to spend more on excursions or culinary experiences. 

Since a lavish trip to the Maldives (with average flight times spanning from 8-16 hours depending on the departure point) and premium accommodations may not be feasible for every traveler, there are more domestic destinations to consider visiting, like Florida. Relaxation and privacy are hallmarks of bungalow experiences, which options in Florida still provide. Read on to learn how Florida has caught the attention of travelers looking for accessible alternatives to overwater bungalows. 

Why Aren’t There Overwater Bungalows Across the US?

Overwater bungalows are sparse in the United States, yet Florida offers nearly the only option for travelers. Learn more about why.

Overwater bungalows are uncommon in the United States due to the special conditions that must be met to build the overwater structures. Bungalows are a special building type that requires specific care in order to be well-managed in the long run. The issue is that the bungalows need shallow but study shores, un-compromised lands to anchor on and the perfect weather so that guests flock to it. Placing a hotel on stilts in a lagoon with all of these features is a sensitive and often difficult matter. 

The traditional bungalow is designed with high end amenities and is conveniently located on the beach. Deluxe bungalows come equipped with private terraces or balconies and may feature elements like outdoor showers, jacuzzis or private pools. Building all of that in the appropriate area and ensuring the villas can be seamlessly integrated into the environment is no easy task. Although 3D modeling and salinity-resistant materials have improved the durability of overwater villas, construction remains stringent based on the frailty of the environment and possible damage to it.

Florida’s Best Overwater Bungalows 

Florida is home to the only overwater bungalow for travelers to visit within the country.

If Florida is the ideal location for an overwater vacation due to reduced travel costs and closer proximity, check out these options that offer the best tropical experiences. These bungalow options in North America cannot compete with island villas but may be perfect for family trips. 

Disney Adults Will Love This Exclusive Stay 

Florida's Disney offers a Polynesian resort stay with luxury overwater bungalows.

The Disney Polynesian Villas and Bungalows are the only overwater accommodations in the United States. As one of the only options for this type of luxury stay, this Disney resort is considered a unique vacation stay and offers a glimpse into a modern tropical paradise. The bungalows overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon are spacious and offer an array of amenities. A private deck with a plunging pool, patio or balcony, two full bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and living area are all features of the bungalow accommodations. Of course, one of the best features of this resort is the easy access to Disney and Universal Studios, which provide a plethora of entertainment options for all.

Florida Keys

The bungalows Key Largo in the Florida Keys is an option for travelers who adore the bungalow style and are willing to compromise on the overwater feature of their accommodation.

Bungalows Key Largo is another great option for travelers who still desire bungalow style accommodations. The luxury resort offers all-inclusive amenities, is the number one choice among all-inclusive resorts in the Florida Keys and is an elegant waterfront retreat. Its bungalows come as either waterfront or garden getaways, but nonetheless offer tranquil private verandas. Guests can enjoy private porches, spa bathrooms, all-inclusive meals and excursions, 24-hour guest services and a zen garden spa.