Traveler Story: 'Our Baecation To Sedona, Arizona Was Something We'll Never Forget'
Photo Credit: Jaqui Rogers

Photo Credit: Jaqui Rogers

Traveler Story: 'Our Baecation To Sedona, Arizona Was Something We'll Never Forget'

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Feb 10, 2022

With her partner E’s birthday coming up fast last December, Jaqui Rogers began brainstorming the perfect trip that would meet all of their self-care needs. The couple had been bogged down with the obligations of life and needed a fun getaway to celebrate and recuperate.  After having E make a list of her top five places she wanted to visit, Sedona, Arizona landed at the top of her list and what the pair experienced was something they’ll never forget. 

Jaqui and E spent four days in Red Rock Country after flying into Phoenix and driving two hours to downtown Sedona. On their drive, they were immediately welcomed by the warmth of the desert terrain and the beauty of the hills.

“As you got closer to Sedona it just became very mountainesque,” Rogers said. “First it got hilly, and then it just opened up and there were just mountains on both sides. And as you got to Sedona, the mountains started turning this pinkish hue, and it was just beautiful.”

The couple stayed at a condo they found on VRBO and Rogers made sure their trip was a mixture of adventure and relaxation. 

Photo courtesy of Jaqui Rogers

“It was important for us to not feel the stress that we feel because of all the obligations of everyday life,” she said. “So adventure was something that we were craving. A space to just kind of renew and rejuvenate was really important because it’s not something we’re able to get on the day to day.”

Rogers didn’t want there to be a lot of pressure or stress while on vacation, and only scheduled a maximum of 3 activities each day. She was sure to plan one day for adventure and dedicated the other days to relaxation and restoration. 

For their adventure day, Jaqui and E took a helicopter ride above the Sedona mountains and rode ATVs through the desert sand. They also got a chance to explore and learn about the city during a planned scavenger hunt. 

“So there’s a lady there who puts together scavenger hunts all over the United States and pretty much she just gives you clues, and you go around and learn about the history of the place and get to stop in shops and meet people and talk to people,” she said. “So it was a really cool experience.”

Photo courtesy of Jaqui Rogers

To tap into some relaxing energy, the couple decided to take a vortex tour, where they engaged in an intimate meditation and grounding session. 

“Sedona is known for its healing properties and the way the energy shifts in the area and we wanted to know why,” Rogers said. 

They took their restorative energy to a new level by visiting a Float Spa and also enjoyed a sound bath to purify their aura under the Arizona sun. With adventure still at the front of their minds, the couple worked through a haunted Escape Room in Jerome, AZ and rounded out their trip by visiting some of the city’s local eateries and restaurants.

Despite all the adventure experienced while on vacation, Rogers’ favorite part of the trip was commuting between destinations and being surrounded by the constant beauty of the natural landscape. 

Photo courtesy of Jaqui Rogers.

“It was humbling,” she said. “It was empowering and it was liberating.”

Engulfed in nature’s majesty, coral colored mountain ranges, and desert tapestry, the couple left Sedona renewed and full of gratefulness. Rogers suggests the destination as a getaway destination for anyone seeking adventure and peace.

“I just wanted to tap into all the things we needed in that moment,” she said. “I think that with COVID and with being inside so much, life can get pretty mundane and repetitive.”

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