Orlando and Cancun are still two of the top summer vacation spots for Americans, according to a list compiled by Allianz Partners. Allianz Partners, a travel insurance and assistance company, examined over 1.6 million itineraries for summer flights lasting five to eight days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, encompassing popular summer destinations.

73% were domestic trips within the United States, and 27% were international. Not only are Orlando and Cancun expected to see a surge in tourism this summer, but so are Boston (#4), New York (#6), and Los Angeles (#7). Seattle (#2), Honolulu (#5), and Kahului (#6) in the Hawaiian islands are also popular destinations in the Pacific Northwest. Las Vegas (#8) is predicted to be a popular destination for vacationers, and Miami (#9) has been reinstated after being left off the list last year.

Photo Credit: Allianz Partners

Mexico’s Beaches

Mexico’s Cancun, San Jose del Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta draw tourists from all over the world with their beautiful beaches and convenient location near the Caribbean Sea.

According to Allianz Partners, Aruba (ranked #4), Jamaica (ranked #5), and the Bahamas (ranked #6) are some of the best places to spend Spring Break. After dropping COVID vaccine mandates on April 1, the United States Virgin Islands (now ranked #10) and the Turks and Caicos Islands (now ranked #9) both rose up the rankings this year. London, thanks to the festivities surrounding King Charles III’s coronation, is the only European city in the top 10.

The study also found that seven days is the most common duration for an overseas vacation and that May 27, June 10, and June 17 are the most common departure dates. Saturday, July 1, the day before the Fourth of July holiday, is the most popular departure day. Six days (49%) is the typical length of a domestic vacation, with seven days (48%) not far behind. Many people in the United States are beginning to plan their summer vacations, and they are considering both domestic and international destinations.