TN Gadgets: Origami Mouse Thinner Than Your Laptop
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Air.0 On Kickstarter

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Air.0 On Kickstarter

TN Gadgets: Origami Mouse Thinner Than Your Laptop

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Feb 24, 2023

Have you ever heard of an origami mouse?

If you’re always on the go, but aren’t a fan of the trackpad on your laptop, then we’ve found the perfect gadget for you. You’ll find the Air.0 mouse could be exactly what you’re looking to throw into your laptop case the next time you travel. With technology forever evolving and making motherboards to your devices smaller with each generation, this mouse is a prime example of that evolution. You do not ever have to worry about managing the clicks on a trackpad ever again with the Air.0 mouse.

Air.0 Mouse: The So-Called “Origami Mouse”

The developers of the Air.0 mouse describe their product as being similar to origami. However, folding and unfolding this mouse is a lot easier.

The lines of the Air.0 are already pre-scored. This means that getting it to its three-dimensional state is not daunting. A strong magnet also helps the mouse maintain its form when in use so that it won’t collapse with every click. You can throw the mouse in your pockets or the small zipper pockets of your backpack.

The Air.0 mouse is compact as well as durable. It also can make a great gift for that techie in your life. Also, with graduation season quickly approaching this summer, it can make a great surprise for that child who is going to college in September.

Air.0 Design Specifications

Photo Credit: Air.0 On Kickstarter

The Air.0 is covered in vegan leather and will maintain its look no matter how many times you fold and unfold the mouse. The mouse only weighs 40 grams, and in its flat state, its just 4.5 millimeters thick. The metrics for the Air.0 mouse proves that the brand is conscious in its design and won’t lose its folds over time.

When Air.0 is fully charged, it should last three months before charging again. However, if you find that the Air.0 loses its charge, you can add its USB-C cable, and a one-minute charge will last you about three hours.

This is the perfect solution, if you’d rather use a mouse than a trackpad. For people who feel a conventional mouse could be bulky for your laptop bag or sleeve, this is the product for you. The Air.0 allows you to stash your laptop and mouse in the same slot.

With Windows or Apple, the Air.0 mouse connects easily to any device. If you’re looking for more control than what you have on your trackpads, the Air.0 mouse could be an option for you.

How Do I Get An “Origami Mouse”?

Photo Credit: Air.0 On Kickstarter

To get your hands on one of these, you’ll have to visit their profile on Kickstarter.

For just a $49 contribution, you’ll be able to select one from 12 different color options. Perfect for people who like to mix and match their outfits with their devices and accessories. Shipping starts in March, assuming there aren’t any production delays.

Act fast and support this device before it hits the market and is sold out.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a website that gives a platform for communities to support small business owner’s business dreams. Many inventions and ideas around the world are using Kickstarter to find funding for the projects they’re working on. Some of the products we use today started out on Kickstarter and have evolved into multi-million dollar companies. It is crowdfunding at its finest and still a very useful tool in raising capital for your ideas.

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