This Is Okap: The Hidden History & Rich Culture Of Cap-Haitien, Haiti
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

This Is Okap: The Hidden History & Rich Culture Of Cap-Haitien, Haiti

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Shenae Curry
Shenae Curry Aug 7, 2019

Need a lesson in the colorful history of Haiti’s enriching culture, food, and overall greatness? Look no further!

Travel Noire had the opportunity to visit Cap-Haitien, Haiti, often referred to as Le Cap or Okap, during its recent Tourism Innovation Summit.

The summit, thrown by Haiti’s Tourism Innovation Board, was created to open a dialogue on how to change the country’s tourism and the leading economy. The organization was created by Davidson Toussant to promote another image of Haiti outside of natural disasters & political/social issues.

Cap-Haitien is the birthplace of the Haitian revolution, which is felt and seen all over the city.

Take a peek into our Okap experience where we embark on a tour guided by the student collective, Fusion. The group shows us around their grounds, garden, and kitchen where they gave the story behind their iconic independence soup, better known as Soup Joumou.

We take a trip to Université Notre Dame d’Haïti, as well as tour Citadelle Laferriere – a large mountaintop fortress built in 1820 by Henri Christophe, a key leader during the Haitian slave rebellion to protect the city from attacks of the French.

There’s a new world to be discovered in Haiti, with a ton of knowledge, culture, and history to be shared. Travel to Cap-Haitien with us by checking out our documentary, “This Is Okap” below.

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