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FBI Issues Travel Warning For Haiti Amid Crime Surge

A recent surge in violence and the abduction of an American couple in Haiti last month is causing...

Rafael Peña May 2, 2023
Dutty Boukman: The Non-Haitian Who Helped Spark The Haitian Revolution

When most think of the Haitian Revolution, a pivotal episode in the island’s history, most think...

Spencer Jones Nov 10, 2022
Wind Back The Clock and Visit These Five Castles In The Caribbean

You may not associate castles with the Caribbean , but this region has quite a few of them. Some...

Spencer Jones Aug 26, 2022
Duolingo Added Haitian Creole For Learners And Is Promoting Haitian Restaurants Across U.S.

Duolingo added Haitian Creole to its library of languages and has also boosted visibility of...

Amara Amaryah Mar 7, 2022
Here's What Travel Has Taught Me As A Queer Black Man

In life, we encounter some unforgettable people, and Edward Lathan IV’s frenetic energy and...

Spencer Jones Dec 14, 2021
Pray For Haiti: Island Suffers Major Earthquake, Over 227 Feared Dead

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti on Saturday, and social media immediately responded by...

Brunno Braga Aug 14, 2021
Traveler Story: 'I Don't Let Sickle Cell Disease Stop Me From Seeing The World'

Gina S. Desir is a 26-year-old nurse traveling the world with sickle cell disease. She is also...

Ayah A. Jun 1, 2021

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