Crack Open A Cold One, Courtesy Of These Caribbean Islands
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Alex Person

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Alex Person

Crack Open A Cold One, Courtesy Of These Caribbean Islands

Antigua , Dominican Republic , Haiti , Jamaica
Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jul 27, 2023

Whether you’re home after a stressful workday, or lounging on the beach, there’s nothing like a refreshing beer. When you think about the Caribbean, rum may be the first alcohol that comes to mind. However, this region offers much in the way of beer selection, too.

These Caribbean beers offer a good starting point.

Piton Beer – St. Lucia

If you’re looking for a cool, light pilsner to pair with lunch or dinner, grab a Piton Beer. These are available at just about every restaurant and bar, and you can even purchase one during your Gros Piton hike. It rose to prominence in 1992, courtesy of Windward and Leeward Brewing. It’s difficult to find outside of St. Lucia, and this is by design but you can try your luck at select West Indian grocery stores.

Red Stripe – Jamaica

Red Stripe is the pride of Jamaica, and it’s available across the island. This lager beer, with its iconic bottle, can also be found in places with a sizable Jamaican population like Canada and the UK. It’s got a few different varieties, but the brown, stubby bottle is the most celebrated by far.

Presidente – The Dominican Republic

This is the official beer of the Dominican Republic, and it’s enjoyed by Dominicans everywhere. Aside from the original, you can get a few other variations. It pairs with just about any Dominican dish, and you’ll find it at humble shacks and five-star resorts.

Pleasant taste aside, Presidente has a dark history. It was the brainchild of an American businessman, Charles Wanzer. He started a brewery in Santiago in 1935 and decided to name his beer Presidente after Dominican dictator, Rafael Trujillo.

Today, efforts have been made to move away from these origins, though curiously, the name of the beer is unchanged.

Wadadli – Antigua

Fans of this beer describe it as fizzy and light, and it’s the product of Antigua Brewery. It’s served on Antigua, as well as on other Caribbean islands and on board some cruises. The alcohol content is pretty low compared to other beers on the market.

Prestige – Haiti

According to Summer Beer Review, “Launched in 1976, Prestige is the undisputed number one on the Haitian Market.” It also has a sizable international following. Some describe the taste as light and a bit salty. You’ll find it at Haitian markets and restaurants.

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