Need An After Work Drink? Here Are 7 NYC Bars With Outdoor Seating
Photo Credit: Thomas Barwick

Photo Credit: Thomas Barwick

Need An After Work Drink? Here Are 7 NYC Bars With Outdoor Seating

Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jul 26, 2021

To the chagrin of many, summer is flying by. So to make the most of the pleasant weather while it lasts, why not visit one of these seven NYC bars with outdoor seating? Some have seasonal hours, but others stay open through the fall and even the winter, with space heaters to keep patrons warm.

1. Harlem Hops


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Looking to sip some delicious craft beers while supporting a Black-owned business? Head over to Harlem Hops, with its chill, colorful vibe designed with The Culture in mind.

There’s a terrace out back, with barrels set upright to serve as tables. When the music is on point (which it always is), bust a move with an IPA in hand.

In addition to the selection of beers, wines, and cocktails, there’s some delicious food.

Want a snack? The Bavarian pretzel served with two kinds of mustard and craft beer cheese sauce is a treat.

Not substantial enough? Try the variety of mini pies, filled with chicken, beef, crab, or veggies. The Jerk sausages are tasty, and there’s a vegan option, too.






2. Covenhoven


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Located on Classon Avenue in Brooklyn, Covenhoven attracts parents with babies, students home from college, locals, hipsters and more. Even dogs are allowed, but not beyond the front patio.

Order your drinks and food at the bar. The beers on draft are written on a chalkboard overhead.

Not sure whether you want an IPA or a sour? The bartenders will let you try several of the ones on tap, and if you want something to go, there are fridges filled with cans of brews you aren’t likely to find in the supermarket.

At the back is a charming garden, and if you get there at opening, it’s a great spot to sip and stud y.

If you need some fuel to keep focused, order a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, with or without bacon.




3. The Frying Pan


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The Frying Pan is a permanently docked ship off Pier 66 on the west side of Manhattan.

Its history dates back to 1929, and for three years starting in 1985, it was submerged in the Wicomico River before it was renovated to be what it is today. It has seasonal hours, weather permitting.

According to the Pier 66 website, this establishment consists of a few parts.  The “Lackawanna railroad barge with the Pier 66 Maritime Bar & Grill, the Lightship Frying Pan, a historic rail float bridge, an authentic 1900s Lackawanna caboose, and the retired New York City Fire Boat, John J Harvey,” named for the captain who saved the Frying Pan from ruin.

There are sprawling areas for eating and drinking, which are great if you don’t mind the slight rocking of the boat. There are shaded areas and parasols available to escape the sun.

For optimal views of the Hudson River, climb up to the top deck with a bucket of beers and some friends.




4. Brooklyn Beer Garden


The first thing you’ll notice about this Bushwick joint in Brooklyn is that there is art everywhere. Pop art, graffiti and stencil art converge to make a chaotic, but friendly atmosphere.

On your right upon entry, there’s an area that can best be described as a giant, adult sandbox where you can play cornhole.

Beers are sold by the can, there’s food available, and the hours are seasonal.




5. Santiago's Beer Garden


Santiago’s, which opened in 2018, is part Dominican restaurant and part beer garden. It’s located on 120th Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan.

Being Dominican, of course, there is Presidente on the drink menu, along with Guinness, Shock Top, Red Stripe and more.

Not much of a beer person? You might be interested in the $25 bottomless Mimosas served daily.



6. Bronx Drafthouse


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Located on Gerard Avenue in The Bronx, the Bronx Drafthouse didn’t always have outdoor seating. But like so many other bars struggling to stay afloat due to COVID -19, it built a terrace on the side of the street, which was a smart mo ve.

This is a great place to go at night, when the Hip Hop, Reggae, and Reggaeton streaming from inside is close to club volume. It’s not uncommon for people, be they patrons or folks walking by, to dance on the sidewalk.

The Drafthouse has a rotating selection of 30 beers on tap, 20 in cans, and a full menu of burgers, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and more.

The frozen margaritas are delicious, especially the one with Strawberry flavor.



7. Reichenbach Hall


When the Germans do beer, they REALLY do beer. This bar/restaurant is lively, with German pop and drinking tunes that can be heard from half a block away.

This hall itself is huge, and the terrace outside is also generous.  The waitresses and the bartenders wear traditional, brightly colored folk dresses.

German food is delicious, but heavy, so come with an appetite. Choose from large, soft pretzels, currywurst, bratwurst, and the like. The Swedish meatballs over pasta is also delightful.

One important thing- make sure you’re clear on the size  of the beer you want, or you’ll wind up with a glass the size of your head (or bigger).



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